Q&A with a vegan gamer- @emma8bit | #FoxFamily

One of Emma's favorite games is post-apocalyptic. Read on to find out which one it is!!


How many times do you think you've changed your hair color?! And what has been your favorite color so far?

I started changing my hair the day I graduated since colored hair was against the dress code at my high school. My hair color changed from its natural brown color to a bright blue, then blonde, white, pink, white, grey, purple, purple + blue highlights, white, orange, pink, green, black, dark blue, and now I’m fading it for a new color… so a lot. So far my favorite has probably been the dark blue that I have now because the dye is dark enough to cover my terrible regrowth.


What games have you been playing lately?! What's your favorite all time game?

The last few games I’ve played were Rainbow Six Siege, Sunset Overdrive, Outlast, and Dead Space. It’s really hard to pick, but if I absolutely HAD to, I think my all time favorite might be Fallout 4. All of the Fallout games have so many side quests that you could play for months and months and still never finish them all - that’s why I love it.


 What does it mean to be vegan to you? Why do you choose to use vegan products?

To me, being vegan means not only saving animals, but also helping the environment through minimizing deforestation, climate change, water usage, etc, and choosing vegan and cruelty free products just seems like the ethical choice.

What's your favorite thing to do on your off time?

Game or do makeup, for sure! Other than those, I really enjoy spending time with my three closest friends, Jeree (IG: @jereerayan), Sabrina (IG: @sablynnn), and Lexie (IG: @lexieanna) and watching shows on Netflix.  Right now I’m watching The X-Files, and it’s fantastic.


Favorite animal?

Bees! They’re so small and fuzzy, and it makes me sad that the population is dying off.

What would be a perfect day to you?

That’s a hard one!  It would probably consist of eating Taco Bell, playing Xbox, going to some type of pop punk show, and seeing my friends.


 How would best friends describe you?

I asked one of them, and this is what they said: “Initially someone would say Emma is shy and to herself. But if you meet Emma and click, then you really click. She’s so loyal and supportive. You never feel bad about sending her 50 messages in a row because she constantly does the same to you. She’s hilarious. Seriously, sometimes it blows my mind.  She always just wants to make people feel nice about themselves and tries to lift them up.” (Man, I don’t think I deserved all that.)

Whats the last dream that you remember?

I don’t dream all that often, and I can’t think of one off the top of my head!


What do you like about where you live? Would you move?

Right now I’m living on a college campus.  I like being close to friends and grabbing lunch with them daily, but I would love to live in a bigger city - mostly because all the vegan food options sound amazing. 

What's next for you this year? Your next goal, the next thing you are shooting for that's on your mind?

I’d love to post more often and continue to meet new people through Instagram.  Outside of social media, I hope to become closer to finishing off my chemistry degree and look for an internship working in a lab.


Emma is @emma8bit on Instagram. Check her out for makeup, hair and more!!

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