Don't Fear the Fade

The same way the seasons change is the same way some of us change our hair color. With the warm weather steadily approaching some of us might opt for some lighter or brighter tones. Thinking about switching up your color soon? Don’t worry we’ve got your back. Here are some of our favorite tips for fading your color safely! Wash Your Hair More Often Skip the dry shampoo this week if you’re trying to fade that color faster. You’ll want to turn up the volume on washing those beautiful tresses this week. Hot or cold water for these showers you ask? You’ll want to opt for some hotter showers this week as it will help the color you have fade faster. Get your hands on a clarifying shampoo as well. Clarifying shampoos help remove not only any buildup, but also help with removing product in your hair. Combine these tips to get the process started on fading your hair. Take A Dip Believe it or not a dip in the pool or ocean can help fade your color faster! It’s actually the chlorine in the pool that will bond with the hair dye and get it to come out faster. Although, warning to my copper hair girls, the chlorine in a pool can turn copper shades pale green. Unless your next hair choice will be close to green I would opt for those extra washes and not the pool. Saltwater can have the same effect as pool water. Be careful though, this can cause some extra dryness. If you’re planning on dyeing it soon after then going for that swim could be a good option! Vitamin C Please Here’s a little secret sauce for your next wash day! Let’s talk about mixing in some Vitamin C. The immune boosting vitamin can help with getting your color to fade away faster. You want to mix it into your clarifying shampoo and leave it in for about five minutes, then proceed to rinse. How does Vitamin C do this? The acid in the vitamin c is strong enough to break up semi permanent hair dye. You definitely want to follow up with a mask! This could be a good time to try out our game changing Pool Party Hair Mask.  Color Wheel for the Win If you’re not looking for a quick fix when it comes to getting your color to fade, then giving the color wheel some attention might be your best bet. You want to find your current color on the color wheel, whatever color is across from your current color you would want to use that color to help cancel out your current color. It can be a little technical but overall a slower process if you’re not in a hurry! You also want to be cautious with this step, as it is required for your hair to be faded! Adding the opposite color can create a muddy shade if your hair is not faded! So, with that, don’t fear the fade! Now that you’re a pro at fading your hair color you’re ready to move on from your current look. Experiment and have some fun! After all that’s what hair dye is for.

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