Celebrating World Wildlife Day with IFAW

Since Arctic Fox was founded in 2013, we have been committed to saving the lives of animals in any way we can. We don't just SAY that we're vegan and cruelty-free because it's become a standard in the beauty industry, we make sure that every ingredient that goes into our products IS vegan and never EVER tested on an animal. But it comes down to far more than just our products. Every year, we donate to organizations who are focused on preventing animal cruelty and promoting animal welfare. We have worked closely with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) over the years because of their crucial work across the globe. Just last year, we were able to support their efforts in Ukraine as they provided assistance to those escaping the war with their pets. Unfortunately, IFAW started 2023 with more disaster relief as they continue to provide help to those who were devastated by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria. As we celebrate World Wildlife Day, we're excited to shine the spotlight on IFAW and how our 2021 donation of $50,000 made an impact on their rescue team's work in 2022. IFAW's Wildlife Rescue team operates globally and strives to prevent suffering and improve the welfare of animals. With 5,342 animals rescued and 3,460 animals released, the IFAW Wildlife Rescue Program continues to make massive progress in achieving a better quality of life for animals around the world. The focus is on rescue, rehabilitation, release, and monitoring wildlife, but they also work to share best practices, provide training and develop response and animal rescue networks. A critical part in the success of IFAW's work is engaging with communities to facilitate a relationship where both people and animals can thrive in their shared environment. In 2022, IFAW continued work to rehab orphaned elephants and keep them on their journey back to the wild. At their IFAW-supported Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery (ZEN) Moses and Sally are two recently arrived elephant calves. Moses was separated from his herd, while Sally was seriously injured after an attack by hyenas. Both have been able to bond with other elephants, receive the necessary care and will eventually depart on their own accord to live free as the wild elephants they are. Mbila the orphan elephant calf at Lilayi Nursery shortly after her rescue. In the US specifically, there are an untold number of big cats living in captivity. These animals are often at risk for abuse and living in terrible conditions in private hands as pets, being masked as a rescue sanctuary. IFAW collaborated with five U.S. sanctuaries to support the rescue of 13 big cats confiscated from Tiger King Park by federal authorities. The two lions and eleven tigers were confiscated as a result of a US Department of Justice investigation into violations of wildlife and animal welfare laws at the facility. IFAW supported the sanctuaries in providing intake exams, medical care, quarantine, enclosure modifications and enrichment for confiscated exotic felines. Shortly after the confiscation, three cubs were born with physical deformities that prevented them from properly using their hind legs. With regular physical therapy, all three are now walking and even running. A clubfoot tiger cub receives vigorous massage therapy at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. Clubfoot tiger cubs with mom Priscilla, who was confiscated from Tiger King Park, in care at Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge. We love spotlighting the organizations we support and the amazing work they continue to do. We can't thank our Fox Fam enough for continuing to support us and allowing us to continue the work with amazing organizations like IFAW. Keep an eye out for more about our 2022 donations soon.

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