Arctic Fox Culture | Pride 2020

Pride actually started as a riot led by Queer POC back in June of 1969 following a police raid in New York City. It has revolutionary roots. Read more about that here! Many of you have been protesting in your cities, signing petitions, making calls and examining everything again, and we are so proud. Here are some ways you can be an uplifting ally to empower one another, and celebrate love is love. Check-in! Check-in on your friends, and do what you can to make sure they are healthy and safe! It can be hard to feel like you’re making a difference when things are happening on a nationwide or even global scale, so narrowing your focus to your immediate circle can help make an immediate and tangible difference in someone’s life. Times are hard (and scary) for all of us, and many people are at higher risk of homelessness, self-harm, or even suicide. If your friend is going through a tough time, maybe you can buy them lunch to have delivered, visit them from their porch or driveway, or just be available to talk over the phone or text. Sometimes, just knowing someone has your back makes all the difference! Donate! If you’re able to, many organizations are in need of financial support, especially smaller/local organizations. There are a few supporting the BLM movement that we like (15% of our profits this June will be donated to Color of Change). Black-led LGBTQ Organizations: LGBTQ Freedom Fund Trans Justice Funding Project The Okra Project Youth Breakout Black Trans Travel Fund Volunteer! Not everyone may have the means to give financial donations, but anyone can donate their time. Especially if you have some time to kill while social distancing, you can volunteer to help LGBTQ hotline, many of which have text or online chat options as well. Some hotlines that are currently accepting volunteers are the Trevor Project ( and the National LGBTQ Help Center (, but you can always check out your local resource centers and see how you can help with the movement now as well! Educate Yourself. Listen and learn from each other, there are many ways to do this. Listen to informative podcasts, read educational books and articles. Get the popcorn ready and have a movie marathon to support shows that teach about racism and history! Most streaming services now have a whole category for this genre and by watching them, you support those directors, actors, and the production of these important films and series Share artists and business owners! Purchase from black and queer-owned businesses. Share and purchase art pieces from black and queer artists to beautify your walls and help keep their creative flow alive. BE PROUD! Be proud of who you are always and if you are struggling, please ask for help. Celebrate - here are some curated phone wallpapers Source: Pinterest Source: BiancaDesigns Source: Oikvw Source: Gocase Source: Arvowear Source: Nathalia Diniz Source: Gocase

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