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A Cause to Dye for

Our team’s mission is to inspire and celebrate all human beings. As we continue to develop products for our Fox Fam to express themselves, we think it’s important for you to know that our products are and always will be vegan and cruelty-free. Not only do we love our Fox Fam, but we L-O-V-E animals, all of them, including yours. Every year, we donate 15% of our profits to help prevent animal cruelty and promote animal welfare. We want to share with you where your money goes when you shop with us and just how we’re helping some of our favorite rescues. Viva Global Rescue is an amazing rescue we’ve had the pleasure of working with for a few years now. Viva is a grassroots, LGBTQIA+ women run organization located in Southern California. Founders Maya and Kalli believe in fighting for some of the most silenced voices, through their programs they support and protect the most vulnerable animals and work to create a more compassionate world through permanent, innovative sanctuary care for animals in need while also creating sustainable solutions to animal related issues locally and globally. Poppy was saved as a chick when she was on deaths door Opal was saved from a feed store Rowan was saved from a feed store IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) is an international organization that explores new ways to improve conditions for animals, people and the places we call home. Each year, we make sure to donate IFAW as they work to improve the lives of all animals across the globe. In April 2022, Arctic Fox donated 50% of our monthly profits to assist with IFAW’s efforts in Ukraine - providing assistance to those fleeing war with their pets. Whether it’s your beloved pets that live in your home, elephants in the wild or the creatures living deep under the sea, we’re always happy to support IFAW and their efforts. Second Chance Rescue helps over 40,000 animals each year through adoption and innovation programs and vet services. This summer, a shelter dog who had an amputation surgery for a birth defect found a forever home with an eight-year-old boy who can relate, thanks to Second Chance. To learn more about this heart-warming store, visit: We’re always looking to expand our reach. On Instagram, we asked you to sound off and wanted to share some of the rescues YOU love. This helps us research rescues globally and continue to expand our community. Wags and Walks The Farm Micro Sanctuary Nina’s Ark Wildlife Sanctuary Soar Initiative Bat World Sanctuary The Cat House on the Kings Orphan Kitten Club Pups without Borders

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