5 Reasons to Donate to Animal Charities Right Now

One of our missions at Arctic Fox is to provide help for those without a voice: animals in need. In addition to making vibrant color and natural hair care products that are both vegan and cruelty-free, we donate 15% of our profits to prevent animal cruelty. We care deeply for animals and feel passionately that animal charities need our support now more than ever, here's why: COVID-19 Impact on Animal Charities The pandemic has caused many animal charities and sanctuaries to fall under times of hardship. While supply for volunteers, monetary resources, and donations have dropped due to the events of COVID-19, demand has risen exponentially. This has made it harder for organizations to keep up with the responsibility of caring for animals and take in new animals into their care. Financial Burden Many animal charities rely heavily on donations and monetary gifts. Much of the financial aid given to these organizations has been slowed and in some cases stopped due to the economic impact of the pandemic on a large number of benefactors. As a result, the financial burden for many animal charities, organizations and sanctuaries has increased largely in the past year. The ASPCA generated a breakdown of the costs associated with taking care of more common household animals that can be found here. Keep in mind that many sanctuaries, shelters etc. take in many more animals than the ones listed. Many animals need new homes The economic impact COVID-19 has made on many animal owners have forced them to give up ownership of their animals. Many owners no longer have the financial stability to properly care for their animals and provide them with the care they need. This has caused an influx of new animals in shelters and sanctuaries that even they do not have the means to support in many cases. "These pets are hungry, and you know people are trying the best they can, but if you have no jobs and they have no money, they have no resources to go to the store," said Julie St. Gregory at San Jose Animal Care Center for ABC 7 Bay Area. They rely on our help Many animals, especially those who require special medical needs are at serious risk of being relocated and worse, put down. The impact of the pandemic along with the increased stress on animal welfare groups has put a great danger on animals that rely on this help to stay alive, healthy and happy. This is a big reason why we have stepped up our efforts here at Arctic Fox to supply many organizations with financial support. Lack of resources The decreased donations have led to shortages of resources in many cases. These shortages mean less food, veterinary supplies, space and physical help in caring for these animals. The scarcity in these resources has put many organizations in unfortunate situations where they are unable to bring in new animals that need their help. As a result, many animals are being turned away. What we’re doing to help: In support of donating 15% of profits to prevent animal cruelty, we have provided a $50,000 donation to Viva Global Rescue, started the Arctic Fox Foundation (more details to follow on that soon), and used our social media platforms to bring more awareness to animal charities. We will work with new animal rescues and sanctuaries in 2021 to continue doing our part. We believe that now more than ever, animal organizations need our support. If at all possible, we highly encourage showing your support for these charities by following their social media channels, volunteering, fostering, sharing their content, and donating if you have the means. We will continue to do everything we can to support animal welfare and we are committed to making a positive impact. Additional Organizations we support: Second Chance Animal Services International Fund for Animal Welfare Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation San Diego Humane Society

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