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    Mary Magpie
    Great product

    I'm not sure how one dry shampoo can be so much better than the others, but Road Trip really is better. I've tried several dry shampoos and this one is my favorite. Gives my hair volume while taking away the "ick" factor, and smells great. What more could you want?

    Rissy Long
    Does what it says

    I really like that it takes the shine& oily weight out of my hair without making it textured.

    Cristina Lopez

    This is very refreshing, is perfect I use to wash my hair twice a week so this is perfect to use and refresh my hair if I have to go out and do something.

    Taylah Blacker
    Very impressed!

    As someone who only washes their hair once a week a good dry shampoo is a must and this one takes the cake!
    I was surprised by how small it is but a little goes a long way and the size makes it perfect to travel with. I have zero itchiness and no nasty dandruff looking build-up.

    Love it

    Not what I was expecting at all. The bottle was so small and is different then anything I have used before. But it packs a punch. A little goes a long way. Smells fantastic!

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