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    My favorite AF color

    I have been coloring my hair for years now and green shades are my favorite. Arctic Fox has the best green shades hands down. They take longer to fade than other brands and they don't stain my t-shirt collars, clothes, or shower with dye.

    My favorite mix is phantom green with a dash of aquamarine and cosmic yellow to adjust from teal fade to a greener fade.

    Maria Funnell
    Great mix

    I added some of this deep vibrant phantom green to space cowgirl. Added just the right amount to keep it neon. Great green and doesn't run.

    Goddess Green

    I mixed aquamarine and a bit of transylvania to get this emerald shade, and it's my favorite so far. Each shade at work really shines in this combination. Phantom itself is strong enough I could have easily used it by itself to get more leafy color. (The bangs are a faded neverland and virgin pink.)

    Don't underestimate the undertones!

    My natural hair is the exact same as the medium blonde in the chart. Despite being aware that Phantom Green fades blue and has strong blue undertones, I expected this green to come out slightly yellow toned as I did not lighten my hair before dyeing. Hoo BOY was I wrong! I ended up with an emerald green with strong teal tones. Totally my fault (especially since I foolishly skipped doing a test strand). I threw some neon moon over it and it came out exactly to my taste.

    Arctic fox is an excellent dye and practically a trademark of the emo & alt communities. This is not the first time I've used it and I've always had great results. I appreciate how easy it is to use, I pretty much just slather it on and let it sit to be honest 😅.

    Summary: Arctic fox is great, but beware of the blue undertones of Phantom Green. If you want a true green or a yellow green instead of a blue green, mix in some Neon Moon and you'll be good to go :)

    Pic is of my hair after I added Neon Moon over the Phantom Green. I wanted something faded. Mossy. Swampy, even. Also, my natural hair doesn't take color evenly, so its different shades in different places. This look may not be everyone's cup of tea but it's perfect for me :P


    Love the product, color is great. Stripped and bleached prior to coloring.
    Love the fregrance and ease of application. Highly recommended.

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