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    It really is neon

    Lovely colour, lasts well (2 weeks in, some fading but I wash with hot water) and still very bright and still neon 2 weeks on. Eventually will fade to a pastel.

    Very interesting dye, didn't stain anything, and barely any colour leeches out when washing. I saw some reviews saying it is more orange - it is definitely more peachy, but my bleached hair wasn't completely white or toned, it had a bit of a yellow tint so that could have impacted it :)

    Therese B

    I mixed electric paradise with sunset orange and got a cool bright superhero porange look! It did fade from the first wash for me but did so extremely nicely into a faded peachy hue after three washes. Orange sunset was extremely pigmented - smells sweet.

    Lovely colour

    It's a really pretty bright pink, I found it a bit more peachier on my hair and a little less neon, but I guess it's because of the base colour of my hair. And you know what? I love it even more than I expected. After the first wash it faded quite a lot, but it was still gorgeous. After the second wash it looks almost the same, with a minimal fade.

    MaryLou Scalise

    Turned out more Pink then expected. But I love it.

    um pretty good, more orange than on the package, could make the packaging a bit more orange

    make sure your hair is WHITE and not brassy or some parts will turn orange since yellow and red makes orange and pink is a lighter red with some magenta pigments, overall pretty good, is a bit diluted in the bottle, i would say it needs more pigments and a more orange/pink on the bottle. oh yeah and i used purple shampoo first since my hair was pretty yellow after i bleached it.
    a solid 8/10 will try more than once so look forward to me buying more from you later but bye for now :)

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