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Arctic Fox

Blue Powder Bleach

Ditch the brass and achieve your icy blonde dreams with our brand new Blue Powder Bleach!

This isn’t your average bleach, this is professional-grade lightening power that lifts hair up to 9 levels for platinum perfection. ❄️ Our quick-acting formula minimizes processing time, making it perfect for both bleach bosses and bleaching newbies.

Why Blue Powder Bleach? Don’t settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary.
  • Banish the Brass and Achieve the Perfect Canvas: The blue hue in this bleach acts like a magic wand, neutralizing orange and brassy tones for cooler, brighter blonde results. Say hello to anti-orange effect hair bleach! This creates the perfect ice blonde base for true hues to shine when adding in your favorite AF shades on top. Whether you're dreaming of Electric Paradise or Aquamarine, Blue Powder Bleach will help your true colors come alive.
  • Quick & Easy Does It: Our dust-free, no-drip formula is a dream to use, even at home. Plus, the creamy consistency mixes and applies like a breeze, ensuring even lightening from root to tip.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for both on-scalp and off-scalp applications.
  • Lighten Like a Pro: This customizable lightening bleach works with your favorite developer to achieve your desired level of lift, whether you're going for subtle highlights or full-on platinum.
Available in:
  • 8.8oz Tub: Perfect for bleach bosses with big hair goals.
  • Individual Sachets (1oz): For touch-ups, highlights, or small applications like money pieces.
  • 5 Pack of Sachets (5 x 1oz): Stock up and save! Perfect for multiple use touch-ups, highlights or money pieces.
Choose Your Weapon:
  • White Powder Bleach: This OG formula provides crystal-clear visibility during lightening for even application and perfect results. See ya later, stripey hair!
  • Blue Powder Bleach: Banish brass with this innovative bleach that has built-in anti-yellowing pigments. Hello, icy blonde dreams!
minimum order amount $35

Dye For A Cause

With every purchase you make we donate 15% of our net profits to help prevent animal cruelty and promote animal welfare, and we are (and always will be) 100% vegan and cruelty-free.