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    First time bleach-er, loved it!

    This is perfect for newbies or doing easy-level bleaching. I've used Arctic Fox both times I've bleached my hair: the first time was just for the ends of my hair during 2020. The second was to bleach all of my hair down to the roots.
    My hair is naturally about a lvl 4 dark brown, medium-to-long length (mid-back), straight, and kind of in-between thick and thin. I ended up needing about 2 boxes of Bleach, Please to lift to a level 8-9 blonde. The first round lifted to about a 7, but I needed it as close to a 8-9 as possible for the color I was using so I needed a second round. Both times, it didn't burn anymore than I expected it to. I monitored the time the bleach was on my head each round and I didn't lose any hair or have it disintegrate. My hair did feel a little brittle immediately after each round of bleach, but that's expected. After a couple days of conditioners and hair masks, it didn't feel "dead" or "fried" anymore than I should have. From what I can tell, if you follow the instructions and just do everything the RIGHT way, you won't have an issue.
    I did have trouble really getting the product out of my hair. It felt like it had a film or greasy layer, even after rinsing multiple times. The second time seemed worse than the first round. I let it rest in braids for a day or two and it was fine after that. It didn't seem like it kept bleaching or anything, so I assumed it was normal?
    I loved that it was an entire kit that came with most of the things I needed: bleach, developer, 1 set of gloves, and clear instructions. I ordered a brush and bowl set from AF as well. I didn't want to feel overwhelmed trying to buy all the "right" things at a beauty store, so this kit was super appealing. It also fit perfectly into my budget, and I found it at Ulta for the same price when I needed a second box.

    Greg Knoke
    Very easy and easy on the scalp

    I've stayed away from bleaching and color my hair for a loooong time after previous bad experiences. So glad I tried this after many many years! My hair bleached to a nice blonde and not the canary yellow previous bleaches have left me with.

    More importantly, it didn't burn my scalp! No matter how careful I've been with other bleaches, my scalp has always had some level of chemical burn afterwards. I was able to bleach all the way down to my roots without any issues for the first time ever! As a bonus, my hair itself still feels natural and not crispy and burnt.

    Teresa Harden
    It doesn't get better than this!!!

    I've used other bleach products - and never have I ever got a true bleach/blonde - like I did here. I almost didn't want to color it - but now I know, I can bleach it and not dye it. It did NOT feel dry at all.

    Rosemary Weber
    Works great

    This really lifted my hair and so far no damage.

    Never fails

    As long as one maintains a realistic expectation of a lightener, (it's just bleach not magic), it won't fail you. Doesn't kill my hair completely and gets an amazing amount of color out on already color treated hair even blues.

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