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    Arctic Fox Hair Color was founded in 2014 by beauty guru, influencer and animal lover Kristen Leanne and partner Ryan Morgan. Kristen has had a long love affair with bright, vivid hair colors. But like many, she struggled with the shortcomings of available brands. After bonding with her partners over a shared passion for color, self-expression, red wine and—of course—animals, they set out to create the best semi-permanent colors available today.

    Kristen and her team dedicated two years of research and development before building a beautiful line of prismatic colors that is formulated with all-natural ingredients and zero harsh chemicals. They committed to only ever produce vegan and cruelty-free products, and to make self-love and giving back to animals the forefront of their mission. The support from like-minded people all over the world grew and grew by staying engaged with them before, during and after their creative coloring process. Before Kristen knew it, the Fox Fam was born, and the Arctic Fox Team began to form.

    With the Fox Fam’s voice in mind, the AF color line steadily grew with new bold colors and bowls and brushes to assist in customization. In 2019, AF released the long awaited Bleach, Please, the ultimate plant-based hair lightening kit packed with nourishing ingredients to help avoid unnecessary damage. Shortly after in 2020, they launched a dry shampoo line featuring Road Trip and the volumizing Vacay. Expanding into the hair care realm, next AF introduced Pool Party, a super hydrating, foaming hair mask. The team has big plans to continue to dive further into hair care with Money Hunny hair serum and Resurrected, a premium line of strengthening shampoo and conditioner. They strive to make all products accessible and affordable.

    Arctic Fox partners with Hot Topic, Sally Beauty, and Ulta Beauty, where users can grab hair colors, bleach, bowls, and brushes in-store and on their websites. With the growth of the audience came the growth of a collaborative, hardworking, and dedicated team. While AF is still a small business, the team continues to conquer goals and maintain a space for incredible engagement with the Fox Fam. The AF Team enjoys bonding time in and outside of the office,  and frequently celebrates one another’s success and lifts each other up. 

    Arctic Fox regularly donates 15% of profits to charities that help prevent animal cruelty. In 2020, it expanded its efforts to aid animals all over the world by donating 25%, and even 100% from weeks of online sales to different non-profit organizations. The AF Team visits organizations in person as well to contribute supplies and give love to the animals in rehabilitation. 

    Arctic Fox is built of a strong, supportive team, mindfulness, self-expression, and love.