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    I got this one for my sister, it arrived and it turned out amazing :)

    First time dying- so fun!

    I wanted a change so opted to try dying my own hair for the first time- this stuff is so easy and fun! I love the smell (like a grape popsicle), and the application was easy on my hair. I like how its like a treatment! The colour is vibrant and fun on my curls.

    The clean up was fairly easy. Pics are before (my natural brown) and after applying Ritual.

    You look INCREDIBLE!

    Fades faster than expected

    I’ve been using aquamarine for YEARS and am used to the color lasting 1-2months. Ritual lasted about 10 days both times I used it. For context, I stripped my color as much as possible and dyed it over a faded aquamarine. I take hot showers 1-2x a week and don’t bother to wash/rinse in cold water. I never have. But it fades fairly quickly. It looks amazing at first though, so if you have an event I would recommend it.

    Christie Luke
    I feel like me again

    This color was a perfect cover to my very grown out balayage (natural being a combo of a dirty blonde/light brown and the tips being blonde). Mega perk it smells like grape, turned out a really pretty maroon in my hair and i love it (the cold showers needed to maintain color as long as possible... not so much lol)

    Love, love, love

    I love this!

    I have medium brown unbleached hair and this stuff works! It looks pink, but does the job! I'm wearing blue hair dye as well which made my hair at the top look almost green which is also by Arctic Fox which I'm surprised didn't work but I love the pink color!

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