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    This is exactly what I wanted, the color is amazing
    I mixed it with aquamarine and now my hair are emerald green, but with blue reflections, this is so beautiful.
    It smells so good and my hair looks so soft, I love it ! Thank you Arcticfox for your service :D I will order again for sure

    I'm in Love :two_hearts:

    This was my first time using Arctic Fox after many recommendations and a lot of research. Many years ago I had two thin stripes in the underneath of my hair that alternated colors and my favorite one was an emerald green. I decided that I wanted to dye the entire underneath of my hair so that I would have a fun pop of color to compliment my naturally black hair. I wasn't confident that I could get the shade I was looking for but boy was I wrong! I've included a picture of my hair before I applied the color. keep in mind it was a little less orange than it appears in the photo, that was just bad lighting.

    Not only was the color easy to apply but it smelled wonderful, as promised. As someone with a lot of allergies, it was nice to have a product that didn't smell like flowery perfume and chemicals choking me out. I used mostly Phantom Green with a dash of Aquamarine. When I first rinsed out my hair I had no idea what it was going to look like! Green is such a fickle color and I was not sure how it would take to my darker shade of blonde. But all of my reading on the site before purchasing my color really did me some justice. As promised, the Aquamarine helped make the Phantom Green really pop and give it the rich depth that I was looking for. My hair is about 4 to 5 weeks out from the initial coloring and even though it is fading, it is still incredibly bright and practically glowing in natural light! It's still so pretty that I'll probably go another 2 to 3 weeks before I apply more color. I'm thinking this time I'll go all Aquamarine and try to achieve a unique teal since I'll have a good green base. I invested in the larger bottles and because I only did a portion of my hair, I still have at least one to two dye sessions left in my Phantom Green!

    Definitely recommend wearing gloves during the first wash. I used rubbing alcohol, right away, to clean any color off of the surface of my sink and my tub and it came right out. I can't say the same for other semi-permanent colors that I've used. In terms of processing time, I did about two and a half to three hours given the fact that my blonde was not really at the desired level and I wanted to ensure an even and rich coloring. I was not disappointed! My hair was buttery soft afterwards thanks to the incredibly hydrating formula. Keep in mind, the more you saturate your hair and the longer you leave it on, the more likely you are to have some "sweat out" residue during your first week. Definitely suggest throwing a black pillowcase on your pillow and possibly tying your hair up when you sleep. I woke up day two with a green neck, easily remedied by rubbing alcohol but definitely freaky when you forget that you have green hair for a second haha

    Mixing this with Transylvania black

    Mixing this with Transylvania black gives me the colour that I really love. It never makes my hair feel dry or broken afterwords and the smell of the dye isn’t chemically so it doesn’t bother me at all.

    Just have fun

    I love playing with this color it was a stepping out color originally but now I just love this color by itself and with other colors. Definitely a fan. Plus AF colors smell amazing. So many colors to choose from.


    My little boys wanted temporary hair color for fun. They are both brunette so I didn’t expect the color to be as vibrant and we were pleasantly surprised by the result. It has lasted several weeks on my 8 year old who has washed his hair a few times per week. My 4 year old gets his hair washed daily so it has washed out now.

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