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    Caleigh camarato
    Did absolutely nothing to my already light hair

    Every bit of it washed out of my hair. I kept in in for a little bit over 30 mins which is more than the recommend time on the bottle but it didn't change anything on my hair

    Periwinkle and girls night

    I had to do the periwinkle a couple of times and leave it on for longer than recommended 😬. It didn’t damage my hair though. It faded to leave my hair with a nice natural Icy tone, the girls night stayed around a bit longer and I eventually dyed over it

    washes out quickliy

    i used that color several times on my white hair and let it sit in my hair for even longer than needed, for the following few days i had pretty decent purple hair and i liked it a lot. but after washing my hair only once it was already gone completely. this happened every time i used it.
    the other colors stay in my hair for ages, only this one just won't stay.

    Works great if used correctly!

    I absolutely LOVE this hair dye! I had originally gone into a salon to have an ombré done with this. My hair is naturally a level 6 light brown - it wasn’t lightened enough so the colors turned out muddy and weird looking.

    I then took the plunge and did my whole head! I made sure to bleach my head to a level 9 like in the description and toned the yellows tones out of my hair. I looked like Lucius Malloy before putting the dye on but got EXACTLY the color promised in the thumbnail!

    So gorgeous

    Eva C.

    My hair is now naturally white and a little grey. I simply left the color on for over an hour to make sure it took and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

    I love it!!

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