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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 304 reviews
    I love this color!

    I was worried I wasn’t going to like it but I’m in love! I’ve received so many compliments 💛 I can’t wait til my roots grow out more so I’ll look like a sunflower lol

    Chloe Vaughan
    Very bright!

    My grandmas dog wanted to be yellow and it is a really good color on her! she looks like a cross between a minion and a peep!

    Jiaman Xu
    I love it so much this is better than salon color

    I got a yellow color in salon and I liked it a lot, but it faded after one wash. So I decided to try this hair dye and the color is absolutely the same as what I got in the salon and only cost me less than 1/10 as much. The color is still vibrant after one wash, and started to fade a little bit after the second wash but not patchy at all. I got so many likes on social media on this hairstyle and I'm very happy about it.

    LOVE this color on you

    Gabtiana Hernandez
    Always so happy with this color

    I have never not been satisfied using this color! I love the sunshine glow it gives my hair! It does not require heavy bleaching in order to achieve the color. I think the lighter you bleach your hair, the more pastel it will look.

    Doris Ledbetter
    Love it

    I sway love af color I love this Cosmic sunshine it A beautiful color

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