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    Love this color!

    I used Electric Paradise with a little Girls Night and Wrath to create a rosy pink hue that I am loving. I have a section of hair that is bleached, and the yellow-orange-red-purple situation I had was losing it's pop (see before photo). I updated it with this mix and it turned out really well. I included a pic of the bowl before I mixed to show the rough proportions, but it's about 8-10 parts Electric Paradise, 2 parts Girls Night and 1 part Wrath. The faded yellow, orange, and red sections covered really well - they're perfectly pink now. The purple was darker to begin with, so it stayed purple, but brightened up and went more pink than before. I like the way it fades to purple, so I'm happy!

    Electric Paradise *UV‑Reactive

    I used Electric Paradise *UV‑Reactive on bleached hair and love the results! I purchased hair extensions and the colors actually matched perfectly w/o needing to color them. Bonus! There is a little orange tint that I can see from the lift not being 100 %, but I don't mind it. I actually like it! Here's a picture of my hair at Halloween 2022. As you can see, the extensions matched the color perfectly!

    WOW! Love this!!

    Alison Stegall

    My daughter is going as Rose Quartz for Halloween and with a mixture of all three of your pinks…

    Virgin pink
    Electric paradise

    It came out perfectly.



    Love it it's a game changer

    I loved it better than other semi permanent for me first it was more pink than it was more orange love it can't wait to try all of them love the fading process too so far I only done too electric paradise and sunset orange

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