Arctic Fox Foxology
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews

    It's a cute mask that fits, has a noseclosure and feels nice on face.

    Rachael HM
    A breath of fresh mask ware

    This mask is so dang comfortable! the nose weights are perfect for wearing my glasses with and there is so much space in the mask it doesn't feel like your being smothered but it also feels nice and conformed to your face.

    Jessica B.
    Super comfy, fits well, easy

    Super comfy, fits well, easy to clean and doesn’t fall off when you talk. Plus it’s got little arctic foxes, so what else could you want?!

    Ashley Adams-Mullet
    Comfortable, may need to tie ear pieces

    I like this mask overall.
    One odd/slightly negative thing about it is that it truly smells like copper. This is assuring in the sense that you know the copper is there, but because of that it faintly smells of blood. Ive been wearing it for 2 weeks and it still smells.

    Also, the lack of adjustability isnt great. I had to tie my ear loops carefully so that it would be tight enough without being uncomfortable on my ears. I do have a bit smaller of a face and buy adult small masks.

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