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    Such a versatile blue!

    I love to use this aquamarine mixed with Poseidon for bright blue hair with longevity!

    It is also great for color ombre as it can be blended into the green shades easily for the ombre!

    It does stain my shirt collars slightly, but a little spot treatment takes it right out so no permanent harm.

    Love how it fades

    I mix this color with blue Jean baby and it fades to a beautiful teal! I get compliments often on the vibrancy of the color and it lasts quite awhile.

    I love it!!

    Loving this.

    My friend and I have been working on the right colors... And I think we nailed it with Aquamarine...

    Yes Good Color

    Gave me good color that stayed vibrant until the next time I buzzed my hair!

    Aquamarine looks so good on you!

    So good in dark hair!

    I purchased this for use in my medium brown hair since it looked promising and I don’t use bleach because my hair is fragile. Arctic Fox dye always makes my hair feel and look a lot better after I use it and I love it’s not damaging. The color is a deep teal almost emerald color on my brown hair and it’s so pretty! I find all Arctic Fox dyes to last a long while, I only wash one to two times per week though. They’ve all faded nicely as well.

    Wow! Fantastic with your gorgeous eyes!

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