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    Lindsay M
    Back for more

    I've used Purple AF before and it is one of the few colors that show up on my dark unbleached hair. I love that I can have color without damaging my hair - and I LOVE this purple!

    Lori Lenhart-Abbott
    Such an amazing tone

    I bought this for my aunt and she is absolutely in love with how deep and vibrant the tone is

    Besie Lizardi
    The Best Hair Dye EVER!!!

    I wanted to try something different... REALLY different this time. I didn't bleach my hair originally but I ended up bleaching my hair and the color was GORGEOUS!!! The dye leaves my hair smelling amazing and feeling soft. The first dye looks grape but after a few washes it looks Magenta.... both colors are beautiful. I have a pic of freshly dyed purple and one after a few washes. I get compliments daily. Arctic Fox is the BEST!!!

    Daniel Fischbein

    I absolutely loved it! Highly recommended! I use it on my previously bleached hair and it lasts about 3-6 weeks (with minimum fading). If you don't mind letting it fade it can last up to 8-9 weeks (from my experience).
    I recently started to mix it with the Poseidon blue and I absolutely love this shade (In the picture it is the mix, I put 1 part blue 5 parts purple)


    This product is simply my favourite and I love that it fades nicely into itself(eventually looks like Violet Dream after enough washes which is also pretty), and doesn't leave proeminent red/blue behind.

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