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    Melanija Cupek
    Top notch brand

    I love it! I decided to try all of the colors, and Purple AF was the second on my list. The color is amazing: bright, vibrant and the dye smells great! One thing that i wasn't too happy about is the staining... I tryied Virgin pink first, and when I reviewed I said it doesn't stain at all. Well, not the case for the Purple AF. It stained virtually everything. I had to scrub the bathtub after the first 3 washes. On the other hand, the color was amazingly vibrant even after a month. It only started to fade after maybe 10 washes. But it still looks great, even now when it's fading. Definitelly worth every penny, and I can't wait to try them all

    it really is purple af!

    i've washed my hair maybe 5 or 6 times since i dyed it and it's STILL rinsing out purple! great semi permanent dye that actually dyes your hair, will definitely be trying more colors ♥️

    Erin O
    Purple af is REALLY AF!!

    Bleached and applied Purple Af. Love this color!! It’s vibrant,shiny and smells like grapes! Ty ty ty

    Need this!

    I don't like the idea of bleaching my hair so i'm insanely happy that arctic fox worked on my hair. I knew it wasn't gonna be super vibrant but I love how it turned out. I only needed one bottle so I'll be able to have purple hair for a while <3

    Kylie O'Connor
    Perfect color

    This color purple is absolutely stunning! It leaves my hair not only a beautiful shade but also shiny and healthy looking! I use bleach, please followed by Purple AF on the upper portion of my hair and blend it into Girls Night on the ends. I’ve gotten so many compliments!

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