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    Obsessed with this color

    Absolutely obsessed with this color!! I bleached my hair first with "Bleach, Please" then used the dye. My ends were pretty green after bleaching from layers of semi-permanent black, but it worked well with the color. Also, my ends were significantly darker than my roots but the color still came out way more even than I'd hoped for. This color is so gorgeous and I'm living my best mermaid life now!

    this color looks amazing on you!

    Great color

    I only use arctic fox colors. They last forever in my hair and they fade nicely

    Gorgeous color payoff!

    I will ALWAYS choose Arctic Fox for dying my hair. The color payoff is always absolutely lovely, and Aquamarine is no exception. My hair was previously dyed a teal color, and since I put it on top there’s a slight green tone, but I LOVE the shade 🤩 it’s a little bonus that it smells divine when putting it on!

    Looks gorgeous with your eyes!!

    Mermaids would be jealous

    I mixed Aquamarine and Iris Green together for the bottom of my hair, and mixed Purple AF and Violet Dream together for the top of my hair, and where they meet are very lovely shades of blue. I seriously love them together. Even after three washes it's like the color has only faded enough to bring out more greens and blues 🥰

    WOW!! That looks fantastic!!

    Alexa Bree
    Mix with blue Jean baby!

    Mixing this with blue Jean baby …really brings a vibrancy to the color! This product always deep conditions my hair and smells amazing

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