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    the color is really great and i love the way it fades into a more violet purple after a few washes 😊

    Love this color!!!

    I love this color so much! 💜💜💜 It makes my heart happy, only thing that would make it better would be if it were permanent and not semi-permanent. Highly recommend! (Color is after lightening hair)

    Beautiful color on you!!

    Loved it!

    This time I wanted a more purple look than last time, but still not too deep, so I used mainly purple rain with the last drops of Periwinkle I had, and some Mist Diluter.
    I definitely got a purple look at first that faded nicely into a more pinkish tone with time, and then peachy. The last two pictures were taken after about one month and then 4 months (with about 2 shampoos per week).

    this color looks fantastic on you!

    Rachel Tedder
    Purple AF

    When salons reopened after COVID hit, I decided to do something I'd always wanted: fantasy hair color. But my hairstylist didn't understand that I actually wanted PURPLE hair (maybe it was a language thing--I'm in Germany!). Anyway, after she had given me highlights, I ordered some semipermanent color online and did it myself. I've tried a couple of different brands and a couple of different colors, and Purple AF is MY COLOR. I don't think I'll ever go back to brunette--or my real natural color, which is salt and pepper. But now I'm mixing Purple AF with Transylvania. It's a little darker and bluer, and I think that suits me better! It also looks great with my silver streaks (but here they're covered up as I've just refreshed it).

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this color on you✨

    I’m obsessed!! It’s so purple!!

    This was my first time dying my hair myself and I absolutely love the end result. I used the blonde me bleach set from Amazon and a toner before dying my hair. I’m a natural brunette so lightening my hair was needed in order to see this purple so vibrant! I tell all my family and friends about Arctic Fox. I love how this hair dye smells like grape and it made my hair smelling like grapes! I love that this brand is cruelty free and has ammonia free hair dye! I bought 3 bottles of 8 ounce purple AF hair dye. I thought I would need 3 bottles since my hair is very thick, long and is down to my lower back. I ended up only needing a bottle and a half! I hope this helps and thank you so much Arctic fox! I’m in love with my new hair!

    That purple is freaking amazing on you!!!

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