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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 266 reviews
    Dominique Hall
    My go to brand

    Always love the results I get. I added a drop or two of purple to get a smoke purple.

    Kimberlee Spears
    My go to

    Love this color. Lotha of complements. Makes my natural grey look intentional. Lol

    Tonya Knight
    Best DIY-hair dye

    I love using this as my home hair dye, however don't be fooled that it's super easy to get the colour you really want. I've been using it for months and get different shades of grey/purple and even green with this hair dye. Everything depends on the bleaching you do beforehand, the state of your hair, how you apply this colour and so on... But I love the result each time. This photo is of the recent result. Oh and it does wash out, so I just wash my hair less times compared to before and bleach roots and apply this colour regularly.

    That color looks gorgeous with your beautiful eyes

    Griselle Nazario de Jesus
    I loved this color

    Awesome color.

    Nicola Dietmann

    Mixed it with Silver and periwinkle for a pastel, dirty icy lavender toning. I thought it looked great. It washed out little by little leaving a lavender tone, without the brassiness coming through. The smell was great, it lasted long time, my hair felt soft and smooth

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