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    Great mix

    I normally buy Purple AF and decided to spice it up this time. I used both and they look stunning! Violet Dream looks really amazing it's just not my favourite colour - but I can't get enough of looking in the mirror after using it to make highlights on top of Purple AF.

    It's just popping out gorgeously, I recommend both the colour alone, and using it as highlights with Purple AF!

    Lovely Color, But not what I expected!

    If you want a true purple, you 100% need to have really light hair. I bleached my hair and it was a bit brassy and probably a level 5 or 6, it made my hair a bright magenta. Nothing wrong that, I still love the color!

    Diana Sanchez
    One of my faves

    I love this color. It melts so well. I dye extensions and I've done some with Poison and Virgin Pink, amazing. I wish I had some pics to post, but I will most likely have some soon.

    Gennifer Cortez

    So many compliments since going purple. My hair is a medium brown with tons of gray. This color looks fantastic. Grays are almost a neon purple and the brown is a nice shade that almost looks like a tint rather than a dye. I love Arctic Fox.

    Gabriela Rossetti
    I love it and

    I love it and the color is amazing

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