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    Wouldn’t recommend

    I decided to bleach my hair to get a brighter green and color washed off immediately even after leaving for about 40-50 minutes. Just tried again using the dye after bleaching my hair a second time and again color didn’t stay. Would not recommend for long/virgin hair. Very disappointed.

    In love with my green hair

    The first picture is how light my hair was from the start, the second picture is after using phantom green. I loved it but wished it was a little darker. 3rd picture is after mixing phantom green with equal parts space cowgirl, which is my new favorite color

    WOW! That mixture ✨

    My favorite AF color

    I have been coloring my hair for years now and green shades are my favorite. Arctic Fox has the best green shades hands down. They take longer to fade than other brands and they don't stain my t-shirt collars, clothes, or shower with dye.

    My favorite mix is phantom green with a dash of aquamarine and cosmic yellow to adjust from teal fade to a greener fade.

    Maria Funnell
    Great mix

    I added some of this deep vibrant phantom green to space cowgirl. Added just the right amount to keep it neon. Great green and doesn't run.

    Goddess Green

    I mixed aquamarine and a bit of transylvania to get this emerald shade, and it's my favorite so far. Each shade at work really shines in this combination. Phantom itself is strong enough I could have easily used it by itself to get more leafy color. (The bangs are a faded neverland and virgin pink.)

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