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Now Sure What To Be For Halloween?

@too_ill's look has given us the feels too.

Can't think of what to be for Halloween? Suck some creative juices from the brains of these eerily fabulous foxes!


@rachelmarynaylor kills it with a killer china doll look.


@givemkellmakeup Everyone loves clowns, right?


You witch you had neon witch hair like @veronicamihalus


@hollyw3ird, the battiest...

5 cruelty-free, sulfate-free shampoos


Hey Foxes!! For those of you who are wondering why sulfate shampoos are not the best for your hair, you might want to check this out!

First off what are sulfates? Sulfates are basically detergent agents that remove dirt and oils. Sulphates can be found in common personal care products, such as, toothpaste and soaps. They are usually listed as sodium laurel sulfate (SLS) or sodium laureate sulfate (SLES). 

Sulfates in shampoo are used to remove the dirt and oils from the hair and scalp, and which sounds great, but those natural oils are actually good for the...

NEW VIDEO: Cobalt Blue Curly Locks!

David's long curly locks were faded and in need of some color.
Arctic Fox to the rescue! WATCH NOW

Colors used:
Cosmic Sunshine

You can order at

Arctic Fox Rainbow Hair Tutorial

Arctic Fox Founders Kristen Leanne and Ryan Morgan getting creative with this tutorial and color removal demo.  

Colors Used:

Color 1 - Purple Rain
Color 2 - Wrath and Virgin Pink
Color 3 - Neon Moon and Cosmic Sunshine
Color 4 - Virgin Pink
Color 5 - Aquamarine and Poseidon
Color 6 - Neon Moon and Aquamarine

Pravana 000 lightner + 20 vol + Olaplex (for color removal)
Bleach + 40 vol + olaplex (for lightening roots and sides)

Keep up with Kristen and Ryan on YouTube: