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    Amazing product

    I was going for a purple/lavender look, but turned out lovely! I'm actually gonna do it again in the future.
    I used a mix of Periwinkle, Purple Rain and Mist Diluter; more Purple Rain at the roots and more Periwinkle at the tips.
    Faded nicely into a peachy tone with lavender highlights.

    Marcie Venable

    Beautiful color and soneasy to use

    Alison Newvine

    This was disappointing. I’ve had such a good experience with the bleach from this company, which I used prior to applying the color. Even though I left the color in my hair for 40 minutes it just did not take in most areas. I redid it again the next day because I had enough left over, my hair is short and shaved on two sides so I don’t have much hair to begin with. Even after reapplying and keeping it in for another 40 minutes it still looks really patchy, inconsistent and not at all like the image suggests.

    Madie Parker
    My FAV color

    I’ve done almost ever color there is to do for your hair and this is my favorite one yet!

    Karen Cichucki
    Nice color

    Beautiful color. Was easy to use. I only did highlights.

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