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    Melanie Johnston
    Love all the colours

    I can no longer get this product in Australia so I buy direct from here. Costs more but I love the product.

    Aliaksandra Fiasko
    It's so yelloooo

    It looks what an exclamation mark reads like. It's not just smelling awesome but also am I absolutely amazed by how gloriously bright it is. I notoriously suck at getting my hair bleached evenly and stuff but honestly no matter how bad you are at it this yellow will carry the look and make it look aesthetic. Perfection 💀💅✹

    vicky e.

    Seriously wow, i bleached my hair a lot, A LOT and I think my hair were on their last bleach as I've lost a lot of hair but the AF dye just gave them much more life than any other dye I've ever tried. It smells really good too

    I love this color!

    I was worried I wasn’t going to like it but I’m in love! I’ve received so many compliments 💛 I can’t wait til my roots grow out more so I’ll look like a sunflower lol

    Chloe Vaughan
    Very bright!

    My grandmas dog wanted to be yellow and it is a really good color on her! she looks like a cross between a minion and a peep!

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