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    Amber F.
    The bleach of your dreams!

    I am not big on bleaching my hair to be honest it terrifies me, but I feel comfortable using AF bleach! I don’t use it too often but this is the only one that I will use!!

    Wow wow wow

    I'm all about bleaching my own hair to save money but in the process I usually break all Mt hair off. I tried Arctic Fox's Bleach please and I LOOOOOVE IT!! My hair didn't break off. It was left soft, and it lightened perfectly with just one box!!! Thank you so much for making a GREAT product!!!


    I have never had a bleach get my hair. This light in the first try not even at a hairstylist.

    Worked well! Not salon quality, but easy to use.

    I would say I'm a level 7 or so, dark blonde, and it got me to about a 10, a very light blonde. Didn't get my hair as bone white as some more generic brand I bought at Sally's Beauty last year, and left me a little yellow and crunchy/porous, however, it was a lot easier to use than that other brand because it was liquid instead of powder. My hair took the color I then put on (a mixture of AF and GDY) very well, and is holding onto it very well despite it being semi-perm!

    LOVE IT!

    Absolutely love this bleaching kit! HIGHLY recommend it! Especially if you’re scared of bleaching your hair like me haha!

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