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    Angela Lambertz
    Blends well w/Wrath for a deeper purple

    Blends well w/Wrath for a deeper purple than Purple AF.

    Kind of gray...

    Just bleached my hair to us this and was so excited, not as pigmented as the photo. I was expecting a blue blackish color. Or at least a dark blue. It's giving green/gray blue. Not the fantasy. Imma wait for the morning and do another coat to see. I'll be back.

    Shelley Daly
    My sisters favourite colour

    Purchased this colour for my sister and she’s delighted so picked up several more for her for Xmas.

    Veronica Smith
    Blue Jean Baby - Love at first dye!

    I am beyond thrilled with my blue hair! My base colour is a level 3 with a lot of grey so I was surprised at the brilliance of the colour. I was worried about covering the grey but I shouldn’t have been because this product is so amazing!! I’m excited to try other colours! If you’re looking for good quality hair colour then Arctic Fox is for you!

    Blue Jean BB + Purple AF 5eva

    Purple AF has been my go-to for years, and I’ve experimented with adding other colors to it. I love that it’s a blue-based purple because my hair pulls warm so if I use a warm purple I end up with mauve hair which is nice but not what I want. I love Purple AF and Poseidon combo which gives me a super fun ultra-violet look, but fades kind of patchy. Enter Blue Jean Baby, I’d been nervous to use it because I didn’t want my hair too dark or to fade green, but it has been a GAME CHANGER. I did maybe 1 part Blue Jean Baby, 1 part Poseidon, and 4 parts Purple AF and my life will never be the same. This picture is from 2-3 weeks after my most recent touch-up

    LOVE this color on you

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