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    Ama N.
    Worked nicely on darker hair !

    Wanted to get the end of my hair purple, but I didn't want to bleach my hair, which is medium brown with a lot of red highlights so I applied it directly to my hair
    The first time, I left it on for more than 1 hours and the color was more like a highlight but it stuck and when I rinsed, no color bled at all (was pretty surprised about it)
    I kept it like that for 5 days and decided to reapply it to get a stronger color, left it on for an entire evening and I got a lovely purple shade!
    Not super bright but I was expecting it as my natural hair color is way too dark but that was what I wanted !
    The picture is after my first hair wash !

    Love the colour!

    It’s probably now my favourite out of all the ones I’ve used.

    Your hair is GORGEOUS!

    Alexis C
    Has been my favorite color for YEARS!

    This is a perfect SEMI permanent color. It’s my favorite color of all time, worked on my unbleached light brown hair, and sits well on my now-bleached hair. It will wash out within a month or two or fade nicely. The smell is godly 🥰

    New Favourite colour!

    I am so satisfied with the vivid purple of this shade. Yes, it is very similar to the Virgin Pink on my unbleached medium blonde hair, but I like the magenta undertones to this shade (compared to the more orange-y tones of Virgin Pink). Washed out completely in about 8 washes.

    Always nice

    I've been dying my hair for 9 years on and off. But have stuck with arctic fox the last few. Some of my current color is violet dream but all the other colors are also arctic fox

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