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    I used it two times for now on short hair and I'm not disappointed, and I think I could use it a few more times ! I mixed it with iris green for my last color but now I just put Aquamarine and that look awesome!! I really hope that it will look good once I do my shampoo ! Thanks Arctic Fox

    I just love it!

    I used the color on my unbleached hair (medium blonde) and it turned out almost exactly like on the chart.
    The color smells really good and makes the hair very soft. I just love it!
    (I am sorry if I made some spelling mistakes - english is not my first language)

    Fail-safe and dependable color!

    This is my favorite and fail-safe color among the AF rooster, which mixes well with others or as it is. I love the vibrancy when applied and the great smell after washing.

    I love it!!

    Poseidon + Aquamarine

    Love the end results mixed the two colors and threw it on my brassy hair !!! Beautiful

    Vibrant, lasting color!

    I am so pleased with this product! It's my first time shopping with Arctic Fox, and I didn't know what to expect. The color was easy to apply, and it was thick enough that it didn't drip. I put plastic wrap over it, and that worked fine to keep it protected. I left it on for 2 hours, using a blow dryer (without the plastic wrap) for the last 15 minutes. I colored just one section of my hair, most of which had been previously bleached and colored blue & teal, which had faded almost completely. On the bleached areas I got a super vibrant teal. On my natural hair (light brown) I got a darker, more subtle teal that leans a little green. I love how it turned out! I'll definitely be ordering more colors!

    LOVE this color on you

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