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    Nicola Dietmann

    Mixed it with Silver and periwinkle for a pastel, dirty icy lavender toning. I thought it looked great. It washed out little by little leaving a lavender tone, without the brassiness coming through. The smell was great, it lasted long time, my hair felt soft and smooth

    Cheryl O'Dillon

    Awesome color. I mixed it with Sunset Orange and it looked awesome.

    Jennifer Aponte
    My hair is finally Silver

    I followed the instructions on their insta page to mix sterling, black, and a hint of sunset orange on my pre lightened hair and the results are better than what the salon gave me!

    Bekah Pearson
    green hair :/

    I was super excited about this color because ive loved all of the other colors i’ve used from arctic fox but unfortunately it turned my platinum hair to a blueish/green! ive only washed it once and it’s only been a week since i dyed it (‘: no wonder the only place i could find this color was on the actual website.

    Alyssa Hartford
    Great dye as always!

    This is my first time using this color from Arctic Fox but I've used other colors from them many times and always love the results! I picked up the sterling dye because my 13 yr old step son wanted silver hair and I knew that I could trust Arctic Fox from my younger years of dying my own hair a wide rainbow of colors. True to my expectations, this dye did not let me down! The color payoff was great and his hair is an even silver color. Will definitely get more!

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