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    Green 2NV

    I mixed in a little of the Aquarium and got this stunning color. I would 100% recommend giving it a try!!

    I love it!!

    Turns a lime green within a few days

    I’m not a fan of this color. It was very interesting though, during application it made the scalp a very blue/teal color, but then when washing out the hair was green, but a couple days later (no hair washes in between) it turned to a lime green especially on the roots area. I reapplied and the lime green came back again. I’m very disappointed:(

    Jennie Messer
    Beautiful color

    The color is perfect. I spilt dyed my little girl's hair, and this shade of green is awesome. She loves it and has the coolest hair at summer camp.


    Late last year I colored my dreads for the first time: first I bleached the tips, then used a mixture of Phantom green, Blue Jean Baby and a touch of Transilvania. The color faded over the half year, but was still beautiful. (I rarely wash my hair).

    This time I opted for a mix of Phantom green (roots) and Aquamarine (more towards the tips). Phantom green covers the natural roots quite well. This second coloring even covered the henna tips (first time no red after 5 years). I used about 2*8oz. I am very satisfied with the product.

    The photos show before and after the second coloring

    Angela Lambertz
    Delicious dark green...perfect woodsy choice

    It's difficult to mix or find a pleasant non-dayglo green until Phantom Green. The dye itself looks much darker than what results after rinsing & drying. I mixed this color with Blue Jean Baby for a Crayola green-blue crayon look. Phantom Green did not stay around on my skin as much as Poseidon or Transylvania.

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