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    mapet gurdiel- its nice but i didnt expect it

    I bought the beach please in the other website because it is not shipped to my country. It was very nice, didnt burn the scalp, didnt sting my eyes and there was no strong smell but my hair wasnt able to reach the platinum level so when i applied sterling my hair was only medium blonde and it really gave the expected result in the picture. I was disappointed i wasnt able to achieve my desired color but i guess i need to bleach my hair in 2 or 3 sessions to achieve that. The dye itself is very nice with that awesome smell. My hair all in all with the bleach n dye was not stiff or brittle. I definitely recommend arctic fox. It would be nice if you can shipped beach please to the Philippines. Thank you

    So happy it's back!

    I was so excited to see it was back in stock. I almost missed it! But I kept reading the email and I'm so glad I did. As I scrolled down, I gasp with excitement to see it was back!
    I recently put a little on the ends of my hair. I'm currently vibing with my blonde hair and I'm not ready to get rid of it yet. So I tried it on the ends. But I also added a ton of Virgin Pink in my hair and it seemed to over power it. So now my ends look a little purple-ish. And I can't see the gray. But I'm sure I'll enjoy using it later. I just wanted to go ahead and buy some while I could.
    Thank you for bringing it back!!

    Kaaey Perez
    My favourite grey

    Sterling is my happy colour!!! I live for this colour!! I always keep enough on hand to be able to make Smokey colours or go straight sterling!!

    Im so happy Sterling is back!!!

    To save some money and give my hair a rest I’m currently retouching my color. Wow Sterling is a game changer! I love this color soooooo much!

    Christa Robins
    Love My New Color

    Sterling had been out of stock for months. But was notified has soon as it came in. Did my hair as soon as I received it!! Love, Love my color now!! The smell was amazing!!! Hair was purple prior, bleached it out with Bleach Please, and now have a beautiful silvery with hints of lavender.

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