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    Sara Huntley
    Love it

    Believe me when I say this miracle juice definitely covers the white! I turned 50 and decided I’m old enough. Thus the dye. I love this stuff and have used it to colour the white for 4 years. ❤️



    Mixed Wrath with Poison (50/50) to achieve the top part of my hair, bottom is a touch of Sunset Orange. Love the color scheme!!


    Alanna Rain
    Love it.

    I love how this came out! My ends have been bleached and then box dye brown was put over them. I put this over the brown on my ends that was fading a bit and it turned out lovely!

    crystal navarro
    a perfect red.

    went from a weird blue green to this red & it covered everything so nicely.

    Wrath + Ritual

    I've been using arctic fox for a while to dye my hair various pastel colors by diluting but felt compelled this fall to do something deep and dark-ish. My hair is naturally dark brown but I bleach the top layer (& excluding my roots) it to about a level 7-9 blonde. I wanted a deep maroon/blood/black cherry red and figured a combo of wrath and ritual would get me somewhere close to there. I decided I wanted it to be more red so I used almost the entirety of an 8oz bottle of wrath mixed with almost the entirety of a 4oz bottle of ritual- so a 2:1, wrath:ritual ratio. I have VERY thick hair and applied it to my whole head hoping even the dark parts would get tinted and thus I had to use that quantity. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out but I want to keep experimenting to get the true black cherry I'm aiming for (I'm thinking this combo plus maybe some transylvania and poison?). But still, I love what my hair looks like right now. Even the brown parts of my hair got tinted darker and look great. The undertones/what it's fading to after washing are very hot pink which I don't completely love but hey what else could I really ask for- all colors have undertones right? For now, I am a deep red haired queen and I adore it!!!

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