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    Tamela Bangs
    Great Color! Long Lasting

    When I apply this color I typically use about half a bottle. My hair reaches to the bottom of my ear and I have an undercut shaved in. I probably use too much but I'm very thorough. I take about 2 inch chunks and saturate the hair, squishing the color all through. This takes me about 15 minutes and once I have it in all the chunks I then take a wide tooth comb, comb through it all and then I hit it with my blow dryer for about 10 minutes. Once I have hit every chunk with heat I take a little bit more color, pull all the chunks together and pile it on top of my head. I then apply that color all over and put on a cap. I typically leave mine on about 2 hours (it doesn't drip). The great thing is since this is mixed with a conditioner it does not damage your hair. After I rinse it out, this color will usually last about 4 weeks washing every other day. It typically fades out to a pretty light lavender and then a pale pink. This is my current favorite and all stages of the fading process are very pretty. My hair is currently lightened and I've included photos so you can see the color my hair starts and ends once the color is on and dry.

    Pretty color

    It's a very pretty color, but for me it didn't turn out how I had expected. I had bleached hair and made sure I saturated everything in small sections, but for some reason the mid section of my hair didn't really grab it. The next day I used up the bottle (usually I don't need the whole bottle, I have thin, fine hair.) It is a beautiful color, truly. A little cooler than I expected, but that was just due to monitor colors. I'm not saying any of this is the products fault, I usually never have a problem w any AF products, just for some reason I guess my hair didn't want to be lavender, or maybe I forgot I had product in most likely 😢. It didn't turn out bad though, I'm happy with it. 💜 The pink you see in my ends is actually very very faded Purple AF, it made me look like a pretty orchid w girls night on top bleeding down into it.

    Girls night in pre bleached hair

    This shade was nice, I’m not sure if I missed some pieces or if it just didn’t take in those spots.

    Loving color

    I absolutely love this color! I smells so freaking good, goes on so smooth and it’s so easy to set. The color is so vibrant in in love 🥰

    Kind of pointless

    Used the full strength dye with no dilution. Got a decent color that faded completely out in 5 days flat. Did everything to prevent fading with no luck. At the price it's sold its not worth redoing my hair twice weekly with this. Switched to lunar tides. Better pigment, easier to spread, and so far 2 days in with zero fade out.

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