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    love the color!!

    i bleached my hair a little too much for the color i wanted so it's fading a little bit different than I would have liked, but i'm obsessed with the color!! its my first time dyeing my hair and i mixed it with aquamarine and i love it so much :)

    Tal Dahan
    Loved it !!!!

    We used Irish green, phantom green, posidon, aquamarine and cosmic sunshine
    The colors are so easy to work with and Everything mixed up beautifuly!

    Wowwww I love these colors on you

    Lovely Color!

    I finally figured out my "Mermaid Hair", and around my face I used Iris Green around my face, and then blended Phantom Green with the Misty Diluter and about a tsp. of 'Aquamarine' to get a color close to 'Neverland'. Then used the teal color I already had mixed (Aquamarine + Phantom Green); then worked my way to my ends with Poseidon + a marine blue color (MP's After Midnight) and a little Purple Rain. 5 hours later, Very Happy!


    Great pigment, long lasting!

    I'm obsessed with keeping my hair green for as long as possible, and this pigment is the best that I've found. The colour is very deep and rich. My hair is very fine and shoulder length, and I can get away with using half a bottle for touch ups. I bleached my whole head once at a salon, and now I just manage my touch ups at home.


    I love how my hair came out. My hair wasn't white blonde, only light yellow with a tiny bit of green leftover from a previous color with Phantom Green (which was another story--I have loved Phantom Green before, but I accidentally used the year-old bottle instead of the two month all bottle, and in the end, it was a wonderful thing, because I learned how much I love lighter green, and so ended up getting this one!). It came out nearly identical to the online swatch with one process. It seems to have covered extremely well, and has not yet faded after a couple of washes. I'm prepared for it to do so, but so far so good. I wasn't expecting such optimum results as I got, honestly. I have had the best luck with Arctic Fox's greens.

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