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    Cleo Taylor
    The color boost I needed!

    I bleached my hair at a salon and wanted to dye it pink at home, but the salon was only able to get it to about a level 7, so I added Wrath to Virgin Pink and got the vibrant shade I wanted!

    I love it!!

    Paige Taylor

    It was so good with brown hair and I love the results


    i loved wrath it was beautiful it lasted about two in a half months and I loved it

    Wrath roots with Sunset Orange ends

    My real natural color is a medium brown and this color covers really well with no lightening. It also makes my hair super soft and smells great!! I cannot recommend this brand enough!! The Wrath in this picture is over my natural hair, while the Sunset Orange is over my lightened ends. I have used a few Arctic Fox colors since first trying Aquamarine (my go to), over 5 years ago. And am hooked on this brand, it's the only hair color I use.
    I haven't had too much of a problem with the color staining cloths or surfaces. It usually washes out of cloth within a few regular washes, I haven't had anything become permanently stained.

    I love it!!

    Alberta Ruiz
    Love the color

    For having brown hair it came out burgundy I love it!!!

    I love it!!

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