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    Amanda J

    I absolutely love wrath!!! I did a mixture of wrath and poison for an extra bright red. I could not be happier with how it turned out. My towels aren’t as happy though and have a nice shade of pink on them 😂

    Jessica Arthurs
    So far so amazing

    Best product I’ve given a shot too!

    beautiful color, completely covered up patchy areas, i love it!

    I had previously gotten my hair bleached and dyed purple, it was pretty faded so I put this right over. Completely covered it up and it is such a beautiful color! Deep and vibrant red on the cool toned side (in person a tad darker than the picture), two weeks in and it hasn't faded at all. This was my first time using Arctic Fox but it was easy to use and smells good too.
    included before and after pictures in case anyone is in a similar predicament with faded/bleached hair and is wondering how effectively it'll cover :)

    Jessica Martin

    This color! I mean, it's amazing and mixes really well with the other colors!!!

    Hillary Head
    Great Product, But Get Ready to Dye EVERYTHING

    Pros: I'm really loving this product's color vibrancy, the long lasting-ness of it, and the smell of it is like a fruit smell rather than chemicals. Plus, for the price, I get twice as much product than I would with other competitors!
    Cons: There's one teensy little thing that I was a little sad about, and that's the wash out. I've washed it several times now, and while the color stays beautiful and hasn't really faded yet, every shower time stains my shower a bright pink, and if my hair is still damp, it will stain anything it comes in contact with until it's fully dry. Pillow cases, t-shirts, bathroom counters, literally an "everything the light touches simba" experience going on with this pink dye staining everything. It comes off with a little Comet cleaner, but it's just a pain in my rear to have to clean up a crime scene every time my hair gets wet. Thankfully, I haven't gotten caught in the rain yet, but I rue the day that a sudden summer shower catches me in anything but the blackest of black clothing.

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