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    Loved the color!

    Nicole Heeger

    I'm actually more a Aquamarine and Purple AF kind of girl,buuut I couldn't resist Space Cowgirl. A bright as fu** green, that fades true to color❤️❤️. I love it so much. It's a green I waited for

    Jessica Yaws

    I couldn't quite get my hair as light as i think it needed to be to do this color true justice but i still love the results.

    Absolutely gorgeous

    This green is the color I've been needing to finally make this idea I've had for my hair work! It's gorgeously vibrant and took really well to my hair.
    From top to bottom, I used virgin pink, Violet dream, purple rain, periwinkle, aquamarine, and space cowgirl 💚💚
    I leave it in my hair overnight and rinse it in the morning, it rinses nearly completely clearly without any color bleeding! I'll always use and recommend arctic fox

    Aurore Pire
    Amazing softness and vibrant reflects

    You rocks so loud, i keep this formula for 12 hours on my "fragile skin" and got no damages, ut helps me to see where i got my squams dizaese on local zone, i use very soft product and i have waiting 38 years to color my hairs cause i got allergy problems diagnosticed since my childhood, your products are amazing and im pride to be a part of this, really, thank you so much

    Here you can see it on blie part mixed with AFPurple and AF Aquamarine <3

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