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    Eileen Lee

    My hair is white and I mix dark blue and dark purple. This time I added just a tiny bit of black and it was perfect.

    I love it!

    My natural hair is a light to medium brown, the ends were lightened previously for my go to color Phantom Green. I have to say, I love this color as well. I typically follow the leave in directions but I feel like sometimes it washes out too quickly even with only washing once or maybe twice a week. So I left it in my hair for about 2 hours. Am I crazy? Probably. Didn't have a cap either so I used a shopping bag. Hit it with the blow dryer for 15 minutes for that heat release. Rinsed it out, made my tub a blue and purple. It cleans up perfectly with a magic eraser. The black on my hair is beautiful, rich looking, super soft, and when the light hits it, you can see some purple and blue. Stunning. I'm going on week three strong, some of the color faded from some strands of hair and have a slight dark green tint. But I dont mind, hence my love for Phantom Green. The picture I attached is on Nov. 9, three weeks after applying it. So glad that I have another bottle.

    That looks SO beautiful on you!!

    Holy cow surreal!

    The dye was a few years old when I used it, so not sure if that impacted the results, but it started out a rich dark indigo, and has been lightening to all sorts of greens, blues & purples! I was going for black, so this wasn't what I wanted, but I absolutely adore it. Frankly if there's a trick to get the dye to do this (i.e. age for 2 years?) I think it would be a heck of a marketing opportunity! I get so many compliments on the colors, and people think I had some crazy complicated dye job done... nope. Just an old bottle of black dye! Amazing....

    Dylon J.
    Amazing! Zero Complaints

    I love this dye so much. I've gotten it a few times and it always turns out amazing. It also fades into different shades of purple and blue so even a few weeks after the initial dye my hair still looks fantastic.

    Love it

    I’m allergic to hair colour and can only use semi permanent products, most of them but black is very hard to achieve with not bleached hair and black is the only colour I want but mostly the only colour I cannot have :( but now it think my hair is black! Thank you for the best alternative colour so far!
    The only problem is that my skin is blue everywhere 😂

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