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    Best Mixes for Springtime

    It’s spring time and more than just the weather is changing. We’re going brighter, bolder, and adding more color to our manes. Spring might scream pastels but this year you’ll find that we still want some red tones in the mix along with bold statements.  If you’re looking to switch up your look this upcoming season then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got 2023’s hottest and trendiest Spring hair looks!

    It’s giving ~Grunge~! If you’re looking for the “grunge” look and want to opt out of the traditional black, then you can definitely opt for the Apricot hair trend. Still staying in the lane of fall’s hottest color -copper, the apricot shade brings you to a lighter peachy range. You can achieve this look by mixing our newest shade Ginger Flare with our Arctic Mist Diluter. This will bring Ginger flare to a lighter tone. It is a softer shade, a slight change compared to copper that took over 2022. 

    Calling all air signs~ we love a playful Gemini. The gemini hair trend is a two tone dye job that leaves room for fun and creative looks. You can be subtle by adding in colorful tips to your hair or go bolder with a full on split down the center of your mane. This particular trend is great for those of us who just can’t pick one shade.  A great way to experiment with your hair this Spring.

    Bring on the change with some money pieces! Blonde money pieces against dark hair are trending. A money piece is a twist on simple highlights where a bold color is used to create face framing pieces. This is also an easy look to achieve at home, so save yourself some. Take your favorite bleach, we of course recommend our AF Bleach, Please, and lighten up your front pieces at home. This is also a great way to have a low maintenance hairstyle while still looking like you’re giving the most effort. 

    Sport all the hottest hair trends this summer with Arctic Fox semi permanent hair dyes. Sport a new take on falls hottest ginger shade by going peachy, or take a bold approach to a money piece with blonde contrasting face framers. This spring is about experimenting with your tresses!


    Best Split Dyes and Color Combinations

    So you’re looking for some refreshing inspo to spice up that split dye? Maybe you just want to go for a little pop of color? 👀

    Whatever the case may be, we got you covered with 15 of our current favorite hair color combinations!👇

    1. Space Cowgirl + Virgin Pink


    1. Sunset Orange + Cosmic Sunshine


    1. Neon Moon + Aquamarine


    1. Sunset Orange, Cosmic Sunshine and Neon Moon (pairs SO well with a natural shade 😍)!


    1. Diluted Poseidon and Iris Green 🤤


    1. Half Virgin Pink and half dark brown? Yes, please! 


    1. Sunset Orange + Virgin Pink


    1. Violet Dream + Sunset Orange


    1. Neon moon + Iris Green


    1. Cosmic Sunshine + Purple AF


    1. Diluted Sunset Orange + Poison


    1. Girls Night and Purple AF


    1. Virgin Pink and Cosmic Sunshine


    1. Pop of Cosmic Sunshine


    1. Pop of diluted Virgin Pink

    ✨ Pro tip: Using COLD water when rinsing will help to prevent some of the bleeding onto another color! 

    Have a stunning color combination of your own to share? Please feel free to do so below! We’d love to see 🥰 In the meantime, we’re here if you have any questions. Stay Foxy 🦊❤️

    Entering Our Grunge Era

    Entering Our Grunge Era

    We've been showing you how to create your very own ginger mix for years now, but we heard your angst Fox Fam "why don't you just MAKE a ginger color?!" Enter: Ginger Flare. This new shade comes at at the perfect time as we're already in the midst of re-embracing our grunge era (have you heard our playlist?)
    Ginger Flare, as the name says, is a feisty, high-impact orange that offers the perfect balance of punk and posh. If you've been here a while, you know our colors show up best on pre-lightened hair. With Ginger Flare a true orange will come through on blonde or hair pre-lightened to a level 8 or higher, while darker locks can expect a rich cayenne tint.
    No matter your base, Ginger Flare is sure to  give you an edge and transform you into a living legacy with locks that are just smashing, pumpkin. 

    Pantone's Color for 2023: Viva Magenta!

    Pantone's Color for 2023: Viva Magenta!

    Magenta is a red-based color with pink and purple tones, based off of the natural dye cochineal, a revered red dye that at one point was worth more than gold. Viva Magenta represents tenacity, vigor, strength, and bravery. 

    2022 was a trying year for so many of us. It was the second full year of a global pandemic, it was a year of restructuring and redefining how we live and exist. I think for many of us, it was a year of loss. A lot of people lost jobs, lost friendships, and had to restart in many ways. Viva Magenta is the perfect color for 2023, and represents reigniting that spark we all have within us. 

    Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of Pantone said, Viva Magenta is about “writing a new narrative”. So what is your 2023 going to say? 

    I know for me, I am going to commit to doing one thing that scares me, every week. Whether it is something as simple as asking an employee where something is in a store instead of my usual ‘wander all 110 aisles until I find it!’ stubbornness, or something much larger like trying to sell my art like I have been saying I will do for the last ten years, or keep going to my open mic nights I do bi-weekly (because let’s be real that scares me every. single. time). Time is going to pass regardless, and I will never regret trying, but I might regret not. 

    I hope that this year becomes your year, babe. Let’s make 2023 magical. Dye your hair the fun color (helllo to this mix!). Apply for the job that might feel like it’s a stretch. Live your 2023 with abundant and unfettered JOY. Be brave. Do the scary thing. DO THE SCARY THING! Live your life in color. Viva Magenta!

    Fox Fam's Top Edgy Summer Haircuts for Every Gender!

    Although any haircut is suitable for any gender expression or identity, some of the latest popular styles really hit the mark for being stylish choices for a more gender neutral look. A lot of these throwback trends are really blowing up this summer. Take a look at Fox Fam’s top three picks for trendy gender-neutral styles:

    Wolf cut

    We love how this style is a modern spin on two throwbacks, a mix between a 70’s shag and an 80’s mullet. The wolf cut has been popularized by TikTok, because it is one of the easier DIY haircuts that gives a lot of volume with its many layers. You can also do it with long, mid, or short hair, so extra points for versatility. It really feels both retro and of our current time, it's perfect for those who want an edgy look but still want to be able to style their hair in more than one way. Check out Iulia’s incredible mid length wolf cut: 



    Business in the front, party in the back! The Mullet is back! Celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Lil Nas X are jumping on this 80’s throwback. If you want something fun and a little punk, this is the go-to all-gender style we can’t get enough of. I mean COME ON! 


    Heartthrob Bob

    First made popular by every 90’s leading man (helllllo 1995 Leo Decaprio, I’m looking at you!) the heartthrob bob is back: but this time it’s being claimed by all genders. This cropped, ultra layered short to mid length do, is the perfect look to keep cool over summer and be a part of the nineties throwback trends. This look is hot no matter where you fall on the gender spectrum, we love the heartthrob bob!




    Wolf Cut worn by and AF colors Poseidon, Aquamarine, and Virgin Pink!

    Mullet Cut by @Shrunknheads and color by @danivanburenhair, using AF Arctic MistPeriwinkleGirls NightElectric Paradise, and Frosé

    Heartthrob Bob: @bts.bighitofficial


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