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    AF Blog — Sterling

    Comic Con, Here We Come

    Comic Con, Here We Come

    It's (one of) the most wonderful times of the year - COMIC CON! We love seeing our Fox Fam dress up as their favorite characters. If you're heading to San Diego, be sure to tag us ESPECIALLY if you're rocking Arctic Fox hair dye or Foxology gel nail strips! Since you inspire us, we figured we'd give you some inspo if you're still debating on your look. 

    She basically invented the split dye. Mister J's part-time lover is one of the most infamous cosplays out there. To get the famous pigtails we recommend a split dye of Arctic Fox's Virgin Pink mixed with Aquamarine, and straight Aquamarine. 

    With a brand new Disney+ show coming, we expect to see more hulked-out lawyers than ever before. Whether you're opting for the Attorney at Law look or straight up strong babe, you'll nail Miss Walters in our Phantom Green hair dye.

    No More Mutants? No thanks. With a mix of Sunset Orange and Purple AF hair dye you'll be shapeshifting all con. 

    Exactly HOW do you get the look of a free-spirited, manic pixie dream girl with ever changing hair color? Another split dye of course, this time featuring Violet Dream and Poseidon. Just beware of your exes.  

    "Moon prism power, makeup" achieved instantly with Arctic Fox's Cosmic Sunshine!

    With this mix, we ask you to be mine. Mix our Blue Jean Baby hair dye with Sterling to achieve this smoky blue for one of Tim Burton's most beloved characters. Plus, this gorgeous hue will ease you right into a new season.

    Arctic Fox Hair Color Spotlight | Sterling

    Hey, Fox Fam! We’re back with another color spotlight for you. This time, we will be giving you all of our best tips and tricks for achieving and maintaining silver hair using Sterling! Silvers and grays are notoriously tricky, but with some extra care this highly-coveted range of colors is definitely achievable.

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