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    AF Blog — Rescues

    Saving Lives Four Hooves at a Time

    Saving Lives Four Hooves at a Time
     Fire season is officially here. You can guess what that means...many animals will be in danger, their homes will be destroyed, and they'll be forced to leave if they are fortunate enough to escape at all. When fire strikes, wild animals are not the only ones in danger, house-hold pets, and farm animals are as well.

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    Charity Spotlight 2020

    Fox Fam, many of you know that 15% of all our profits are always donated to charities that focus on preventing animal cruelty. This month we’ve decided to do something BIG.  

    For the entire month of February, 100% of our online sales will be donated to charity. And to help make donating even more accessible during February, we’re excited to offer free shipping on all orders within the US for the entire month! 

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    #DyeForACause: The Animal Pad

    Hey Fox Fam! As many of you know, here at Arctic Fox we’re passionately dedicated to animals! Aside from making great hair color that is vegan & cruelty free, we donate 15% of all of our profits to animal charities who are just as dedicated to ending animal abuse (read more about this here). Another thing we love to do is volunteer with our local organizations as much as possible! 

    The AF Team met up with a few foster dogs and their caretakers to help out with their adoption event in Del Mar! We got to meet the most lovable pups: Canelo, Dobry, and Joshua.

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    #DyeForACause | Charities We Support

    Fox Fam, did you know that we donate 15% of all our profits to charities that focus on ending animal abuse? That means every time you buy Arctic Fox Hair Color you are helping animals all over the world! We love to volunteer with local organizations, but mainly focus on three charities in particular: Second Chance Animal Services, the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, and the International Fund for Animal Welfare. We’ve featured these charities on our IG stories before - maybe you’ve seen some of the pics from our annual volunteer trip to Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation! Today is National Love Your Pet Day, so we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to let our Fox Fam know more about the charities you're helping us support. If you’ve ever wanted to know more, read on!

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