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    AF Blog — Mixology

    Rose Gold for every base color!

    Rose Gold for every base color!
    Fox Fam, have you ever wondered how to get the perfect rose gold? This is one of the trendiest shades, but it’s hard to know what shades to mix based on your hair color - a platinum blonde will need a very different mix than a light brown! Here we’ve featured 5 different mixes for a variety of base colors to help you achieve the rose gold for YOUR hair level. Read on!

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    AF Mixology | Blue Hair 4 Ways

    Blue hair swatch over a sparkly blue background with "AF Mixology Blue Hair 4 Ways" written over it
    Is there any color cooler than blue? I don’t know about you, Fox Fam, but if I had to pick a favorite color it’d definitely be blue! There’s a shade for every mood, from fun and flirty to elegant and sultry. All AF blue shades stand strong on their own, but here’s some of our favorite mixes to expand your blue horizons!

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    Ritual Mixology

    Burgundy hair swatch in the background with Ritual Mixes written over it.
    Howdy, Fox Fam! Have you had a chance to check out our new burgundy shade, Ritual? This color is gorgeous all on its own, but today we wanted to showcase some of the awesome mixes you can create with this versatile tone! Whether you’re looking for a deep, dark red, or a soft, smoky pink, the possibilities are limitless. Read on for some custom color inspo!

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