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    AF Blog — Hair Levels

    Best AF Shades for Unbleached Hair

    To the left is purple text on a pink background that says "Best Shades for Unbleached Hair" with a medium blonde hair swatch to the right of it being overlaid with different shades of Arctic Fox Hair Color
    One of the most common questions we get here at Arctic Fox is “do I have to bleach my hair to use the color?” While the answer to this question usually isn’t just a simple yes or no, there are definitely steps you can take to maximize the color payoff you’ll get on a variety of unbleached hair types! Some colors will take better to unbleached hair than others, so today we’ll highlight colors that have the best chance of giving you a vibrant and visible result over unbleached hair, plus some tips and tricks to make sure you get the best results possible!

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    WTF is Level 10 Hair?

    What does “hair level” even mean, anyway? How do you know what level your hair is? It can seem confusing, but "level" just a standardized way to refer to the lightness of your hair, and is usually most consistent way to describe your base color. Instead of having to find the right words to describe your medium-toned strawberry blonde, you can just say your hair is at a level 7 and call it a day!

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