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    AF Blog — Hair Care and Styling

    Fox Fam's Top Edgy Summer Haircuts for Every Gender!

    Although any haircut is suitable for any gender expression or identity, some of the latest popular styles really hit the mark for being stylish choices for a more gender neutral look. A lot of these throwback trends are really blowing up this summer. Take a look at Fox Fam’s top three picks for trendy gender-neutral styles:

    Wolf cut

    We love how this style is a modern spin on two throwbacks, a mix between a 70’s shag and an 80’s mullet. The wolf cut has been popularized by TikTok, because it is one of the easier DIY haircuts that gives a lot of volume with its many layers. You can also do it with long, mid, or short hair, so extra points for versatility. It really feels both retro and of our current time, it's perfect for those who want an edgy look but still want to be able to style their hair in more than one way. Check out Iulia’s incredible mid length wolf cut: 



    Business in the front, party in the back! The Mullet is back! Celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Lil Nas X are jumping on this 80’s throwback. If you want something fun and a little punk, this is the go-to all-gender style we can’t get enough of. I mean COME ON! 


    Heartthrob Bob

    First made popular by every 90’s leading man (helllllo 1995 Leo Decaprio, I’m looking at you!) the heartthrob bob is back: but this time it’s being claimed by all genders. This cropped, ultra layered short to mid length do, is the perfect look to keep cool over summer and be a part of the nineties throwback trends. This look is hot no matter where you fall on the gender spectrum, we love the heartthrob bob!




    Wolf Cut worn by and AF colors Poseidon, Aquamarine, and Virgin Pink!

    Mullet Cut by @Shrunknheads and color by @danivanburenhair, using AF Arctic MistPeriwinkleGirls NightElectric Paradise, and Frosé

    Heartthrob Bob: @bts.bighitofficial


    For a Healthy Hair State of Mind... Money Hunny

    For a Healthy Hair State of Mind... Money Hunny

    Introducing… Money Hunny (your new haircare bestie 😜)! This serum is jam packed with ingredients your hair will LOVE. With a silky, lightweight formula infused with amino acids and oils to help repair, smooth and hydrate, your hair will be flying FIRST CLASS BESTIES ✨✈️  Did we mention the amazing scent of Bergamot, Jasmine, Amber, Sandalwood & Vanilla? 🍨 Talk about smelling like a beach vacay!

    Our Money Hunny hair serum formula is designed to help ALL hair types achieve their BEST hair EVER by reducing frizz, repairing AND retaining color. It's silicone free so no buildup here babes! 😎 And of course, like all other AF products, Money Hunny is vegan and cruelty-free.


    Key Ingredients 


    • Prodew®500 is expected to improve hair luster, conditioning and hair feeling. It is also expected to improve color retention of dyed hair.


    • Designed to deliver optimal anti-breakage benefits, KERAVIS is a multifaceted protein based complex which acts on all of the three fundamental parameters of hair strength – tensile properties, bending modulus and cuticle abrasion.
    • The unique chemical composition of KERAVIS enables it to penetrate the hair cuticle, building strength from within, while providing film forming effects to reinforce, lubricate and protect the surface of the hair.

    Argan Oil 

    • Helps hydrate and soften your hair 
    • High content of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamin E 

    Babassu Nut Oil 

    • Soothing, protective, and moisturizing qualities 


    • Naturally helps increase hair’s elasticity and consistently restore shine to dull, lifeless hair 
    • A powerful antioxidant, UV-protector and free radical neutralizer 

    Avocado Oil

    • Prevents breakage, reduces dandruff, detangles hair, and prevents hair from damage 

    Macadamia (Nut) Ternifolia Seed Oil 

    • Helps to add shine, strengthen, and nourish the hair follicles, which in turn helps fight off hair loss and brittle strands 
    • Great for calming the hair of frizz, tangles, and dullness 

    ORGANIC Jojoba Seed Oil 

    • Moisturizes the scalp and helps reduces dandruff 
    • Strengthens hair and promotes hair thickness

    How to use her: Money Hunny can be used on damp or dry hair. We recommend applying 1-2 pumps into your palm and working through hair, mid-length to ends. If you have thicker hair, or want a sleek look, then double the dosage. 

    For BEST results, pair Money Honey with her hair care squad

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