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    AF Blog — Hair Care and Styling

    Don't Fear the Fade

    The same way the seasons change is the same way some of us change our hair color. With the warm weather steadily approaching some of us might opt for some lighter or brighter tones. Thinking about switching up your color soon? Don’t worry we’ve got your back. Here are some of our favorite tips for fading your color safely!


    Wash Your Hair More Often

    Skip the dry shampoo this week if you’re trying to fade that color faster. You’ll want to turn up the volume on washing those beautiful tresses this week. Hot or cold water for these showers you ask? You’ll want to opt for some hotter showers this week as it will help the color you have fade faster. Get your hands on a clarifying shampoo as well. Clarifying shampoos help remove not only any buildup, but also help with removing product in your hair. Combine these tips to get the process started on fading your hair.


    Take A Dip

    Believe it or not a dip in the pool or ocean can help fade your color faster! It’s actually the chlorine in the pool that will bond with the hair dye and get it to come out faster. Although, warning to my copper hair girls, the chlorine in a pool can turn copper shades pale green. Unless your next hair choice will be close to green I would opt for those extra washes and not the pool. Saltwater can have the same effect as pool water. Be careful though, this can cause some extra dryness. If you’re planning on dyeing it soon after then going for that swim could be a good option!


    Vitamin C Please

    Here’s a little secret sauce for your next wash day! Let’s talk about mixing in some Vitamin C. The immune boosting vitamin can help with getting your color to fade away faster. You want to mix it into your clarifying shampoo and leave it in for about five minutes, then proceed to rinse. How does Vitamin C do this? The acid in the vitamin c is strong enough to break up semi permanent hair dye. You definitely want to follow up with a mask! This could be a good time to try out our game changing Pool Party Hair Mask. 


    Color Wheel for the Win

    If you’re not looking for a quick fix when it comes to getting your color to fade, then giving the color wheel some attention might be your best bet. You want to find your current color on the color wheel, whatever color is across from your current color you would want to use that color to help cancel out your current color. It can be a little technical but overall a slower process if you’re not in a hurry! You also want to be cautious with this step, as it is required for your hair to be faded! Adding the opposite color can create a muddy shade if your hair is not faded! So, with that, don’t fear the fade!

    Now that you’re a pro at fading your hair color you’re ready to move on from your current look. Experiment and have some fun! After all that’s what hair dye is for.

    Protect Your Hair from Winter Dryness

    While the winter months can bring so many warm and cozy memories, the cold temperatures are likely causing your hair’s breakage, frizz and overall damage. Not to worry, Fox Fam 💝  We’ve weathered this storm before and we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite ways to protect hair from winter dryness! 

    Healthy hair starts from within. Nourishing your body with the proper nutrients has SO many benefits, including improving the overall health of your hair. Below, you will find a list of ways that you can fuel your hair, using the following foods (vegan options for each are also listed)

    1. Protein: Your hair is made up of protein, so it’s extremely important to include lots of it into your daily routine. Doing so will prevent hair loss and breakage. Some remedies include: nuts, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, beans, tofu, quinoa and chickpeas.
    2. Omega-3: For itchy and dry scalp, you’ll want to incorporate healthy fatty acids to achieve a hydrated scalp and shiny hair. Some remedies include: fish, avocado, pumpkin seeds, walnuts
    3. Vitamin C: Looking for more strength and growth for your hair? This is going to be your holy grail, as it produces collagen to really strengthen the hair and allow it to grow at a faster rate. Some remedies include: oranges, blueberries, broccoli, papaya, strawberries, sweet potatoes (add almonds and cashews to get some Vitamin E for dry hair, as well.
    4. Iron- Great for hair loss! Some remedies include: spinach, lentils and broccoli

    Now that we’ve got a grasp on how these nutrients can kick start your hair’s health, let’s talk about more common ways to protect and heal your hair from the cold! 

    Shampoo and Conditioner: A good hair care routine should start with a good wash. Not to brag (okay, maybe a little) but our Resurrected Set is fully packed with amino acids & antioxidants to restore elasticity and soothe the scalp. However, we would advise customers to wash less frequently in the winter, to avoid stripping the hair of moisture and oil. 


    Hair Wraps: If you notice your hair is brittle and difficult to style after it’s been washed, it’s likely that the hair is lacking moisture. Giving your hair a break from your blow dryer and using a hair wrap will reduce frizz and breakage. Here is the link to one we’ve been loving! 

    Hair Serum: Whether you like a milky or a glossy hair serum, we have some of the BEST recommendations to seal that hair and strengthen dry, brittle strands. As you may know, our Money Hunny was designed to help ALL hair types achieve their best hair yet by reducing frizz, repairing AND retaining color. Did we mention how dreamy it smells? 🤤  For a scalp focused serum, I recommend this one from Ouai! With its ability to reduce scalp discomfort and create the appearance of thicker hair, this is surely a match made in hair heaven! 

    Leave in Conditioner: Leave In Conditioner detangles, hydrates and fights frizz. This one from Ouai is my go to!


    Hair Mask: If you haven’t tried our Ultra-Hydrating Pool Party Foaming Hair Mask yet, your hair is missing out! With healthy antioxidants, omegas and all natural oils, your hair will be revived in no time! Did you know that there are 4 ways you can use our Pool Party Foaming Hair Mask?

    1. A pre-shower hair mask: Apply to dry hair and leave it for 10 minutes, then rinse and condition.
    2. An amplified conditioner: Use in place of your conditioner after shampooing.
    3. Wet styling: Apply a generous amount to dry hair to give a full-bodied wet styled/slicked back look. Hydrates and conditions hair while holding your hairstyle in place. 
    4. Condition dry ends: Add a small amount to dried ends for a boost of hydration.

           *Pool Party is only available to ship in the contiguous United States*


    Trimming: If all else fails, your hair may simply be in need of a little trim (½ inch - 2 inches should be plenty). In general, this is essential for healthy hair, regardless of the season, so I highly recommend doing this as the winter approaches.

    While all these tips will be helpful year round, your hair will definitely thank you for giving it that extra T.L.C. during these chilly winter months. 

    Do you have any questions or concerns? We want to hear from you! Let us know below! 👇

    Stocking Stuffers Under $20

    We’ve rounded up a list of our favorite stocking stuffers, all $20 or under, just for you, Fox Fam! Treat yourself or your family and friends to these affordable gifts.

    AF Stuff

    Nearly everything on the AF site is under $20, but these picks will fit the best in a stocking.

    Our recently launched nail polish ($11.49) makes the perfect stocking stuffer. They match our most popular hair colors, dry quickly and are chip-resistant! (Available for contiguous US customers only.)

    Looking for something a little more fancy, but super easy to apply? Look no further than our gel nail kits ($17.95). These semi-cured gel nail strips will give you a professional look on a budget.

    Our Money Hunny Hair Serum ($16.99) is AF’s best kept secret. This serum is packed with amino acids and oils to repair, smooth, and hydrate hair.

    Our Money Hunny Hair Serum is AF’s best kept secret. This serum is packed with amino acids and oils to repair, smooth, and hydrate hair.

    Shopping for someone rad and not sure what colors to get? Toss in a sticker pack into their stocking and add in an AF Gift Card, so they can get what they really want.

    We <3 Animals

    Here at AF, our furry friends deserve gifts too!

    We’re dedicated to donating 15% of net profits to help prevent animal cruelty and promote animal welfare. Donate to any of our favorite animal rescues in the name of your pet or gift recipient.

    Keep your dog festive and entertained with this Candy Cane Rope Toy ($14.99).

    Of course we couldn’t forget about our kitty friends. This rechargeable Flopping Fish Cat Toy ($11.98) creates unpredictable movements so your cat never gets bored.

    Self-Care Queens

    What’s better than a hot bath on a cold day? A hot bath with a bath bomb on a cold day! These adorable Hello Kitty Bath Bombs ($12) are infused with essential oils to give you a relaxing spa experience.

    We all could use working on our negative self-talk. These "I AM" Everything™ Affirmation Cards ($15) will help you quiet the noise and focus on what makes you feel good.


    While you’re practicing your affirmations, relax with this Currently Over Thinking Candle, scented with lemongrass and jasmine.

    Plant-Based Snacks

    What’s a stocking without our favorite vegan snacks!

    This Peppermint Bark ($2.95) is vegan and top 9 allergen-free and delicious!

    Who says cookies are just for santa? Get this Vegan Cookie Sampler ($14.99) and try a variety of vegan cookies.

    This set of Green Apple and Chamomile Lollipops ($6.75) is not only delicious, but the biodegradable stick can be planted after to grow a plant.

    Get Crafty!

    These gifts are perfect for the DIY creative person in your life.

    This Woodland Creature Postcard Kit ($16) is an paintable wooden postcard kit featuring adorable vintage-style animal illustrations.

    Know someone who loves tattoos but not ready to commit? Try this Phases of the Moon Temporary Tattoo ($14.70).

    Use the power of sunlight to create rich blue prints with this Solar Photography Kit ($14.95).


    Small wearables are always a good choice for stockings.

    Carry your essentials in this secret Hidden Pocket Scrunchie ($20) stash.

    The claw clip is back and these Strawberry or Lemon Claw Clips ($7.80) will look great against any AF color!

    Wear your rainbows with pride with these Rainbow Mane Socks ($18). Features a rainbow wavy stripe print and rainbow fringe on the back!

    No-Heat Hairstyles for Dyed Hair

    Recently changed the color of those gorgeous locks? It’s time to give that mane a break and switch up the hair routine with some no-heat hairstyles. Yes! Your hair needs a break every now and then from curling irons and flat irons to recover. Here’s some easy and fun no-heat hairstyles for dyed hair you can try this season!

    Space Buns

    Can’t go wrong with this whimsical hairstyle! This hairstyle requires minimal effort but makes you look like the trendy queen you aspire to be. Simply split your hair into two parts (you might want to add some AF Money Hunny Repair Serum to keep those buns nice and slicked back) and make two ponytails. You can also play with this style and wear your buns high or low! Once those ponytails are made simply wrap them tight around and use bobby pins to secure your bun. You can create a messy space bun or a super sleek bun, there’s so many ways to make this hairstyle funky!

    Heatless Curls With Overnight Braids

    Tend to reach for the snooze button every morning? We’ve got the perfect no-heat hairstyle for you! The best overnight heatless curls come from damp clean hair, so make sure you give your hair a nice wash with Arctic Fox Resurrected strengthening shampoo & conditioner! If you’re looking for a looser morning curl then separate your hair into bigger sections (2 can work) and make yourself some simple french braids. For a tighter curler create smaller sections that you can make into smaller french braids. The smaller curls will take a little extra effort the night before, but once you wake up you simply undo the braids and voila!

    Slicked Back Ponytail

    Nothing says chic with no effort like a slicked back ponytail! If you’re one of those gals that washes your hair once or twice a week this style is great for those in between days. You can always spray some Arctic Fox Road Trip Dry Shampoo to give your hair a quick boost if it’s feeling too oily. To get this look, comb your hair thoroughly into a ponytail, add a little AF money hunny serum to tame any baby hairs- this will help you achieve that sleek finish! Pull it to your preferred style by wearing your ponytail high or low. 

    Let us know if you try any of the no-heat hairstyles for dyed hair  in the comments!

    *Greece has a three-item limit due to customs restrictions* close