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    AF Blog — Hair Care and Styling

    Darkening Your Hair Color for Fall 2023

    Darkening Your Hair Color for Fall 2023

    @iamzoeyluna in Transylvania 

    Keep your look top-class this fall

    You can embrace the change, or you can dread it. But you can’t deny it: summer is over, baby. We’re working on ditching our late sleep-ins (dry shampoo for the win!), have restocked our coffee supplies, bought the organizers, and are getting used to the sound of the alarm. But how has our Fox Fam been falling back into a routine? Let’s just say that leaves aren’t the only things that are changing color!

    Lustrous, rich hair tones can make even the most boring schedules feel brighter, and with the onset of busy days, we’re seeing a rise in the deep, dark tones. They can be low-maintenance while still being high-impact, and they give the rich feeling of thicker hair that autumn styles show off the best. On top of that, blends and color combinations keep the looks as interesting as you are.

    Whatever your day-to-day looks like this fall, we’re excited to see everyone in dark mode.

    New you, new hue

    Good news, stargazers: Venus is out of retrograde💫! As (we’re sure) you already know, this means it’s a great time to start fresh with whatever’s been blocked for you lately. Romance can get kicked into high gear, work and creativity will start flowing, and we can’t think of a better sign that it’s time for a brand-new look.

    Part of your 2023 back-to-real-life glow-up should be a hair color that you’re stoked to show off — not to mention the noticeably hydrated and healthy hair that comes with using our AF deep-conditioning hair dyes. We’ve mentioned a few times lately that we are really digging the transition from summer cools to autumn warms, and that means going for a darker tone than what you rocked during the sunny season. Plus your hair will be totally in step with Fall 2023’s palette, making your hair the perfect accessory and always on-point.

    There’s something else that a darker tone gives to your updated ‘do—aside from all that lovely confidence that comes with a makeover, that is. Going to the dark side of the color wheel gives the gift of a low-maintenance mane. 

    In our previous blog on warm hair colors, we explained how a simple warm color can add depth to your hair that will give you a thicker, fuller-looking style without needing extra time with your diffuser. When you combine your warm-color lowlights with a time-saving volumizing shampoo you’re going to have a full look all day.

    ✨Remember that changing your look doesn’t have to mean changing your beliefs, and that’s why as much as we love watching your evolution, we’ll never be anything other than vegan and cruelty-free. Dye away, and with AF dark hair dyes, you’re dyeing for a cause.

    To Bleach or Not to Bleach?

    Real talk: Summer puts your hair through the wringer with chlorine, salt water, and sun damage. Keep in mind that even though we pack our potions to the brim with hair-helping ingredients, you can choose to skip the bleaching step now and again. You can also be creative and use it only in sections. Our influencers have found some truly jaw-dropping ways to only color parts of their hair—and still stun. Money pieces are a great example of a simple switch-up that can change your whole look, without changing your entire head.

    @_negatronn in Iris Green and Neon Moon

    @tavujesus in Frosé

    @lazybonesbeauty in Cosmic Sunshine

    @atouchofmurphy in Violet Dream and Purple AF 


    AF’s Bleach, Please is as gentle as a lightener can get, and even has added goodness to keep your hair healthy while it works. And yes, AF’s range of hair color dyes produces a truer color match when they are used on lighter hair. But if you’re looking for a tint without putting your hair through the bleaching process, you can opt for a beautiful color undertone that will come through even on darker or already dyed hair. 

    For an idea on how your color will turn out with your natural or current base color, have a look at our guide to using AF hair dyes on unbleached hair. If you like how these look, we’ve grouped all the colors here for easy shopping! 

    Pro-tip: Knowing your hair’s color level will be key to planning your look, and we can help you with that, too! Just cruise by this gem of an explainer which breaks it down for you.

    Of course, the only way to get the strong, intense pop of color you see on some of our most colorful influencers is to lighten your hair first.


    @christystarmua in Aquamarine and Periwinkle

    @hairwaytoheavennn in Wrath and Poison

    @violentinside in Purple AF and Transylvania 

    Stir it up for some killer color

    Remember: going dark doesn’t mean melting into the surroundings, and it certainly shouldn’t mean you’re stuck with one color! Blend your pastes for a unique shade, or combine multiple colors into your locks for a truly standout fall look. In our last blog, we talked about this fall’s trending hairstyles, and there was a lot of mention of color accents and how to use them. 

     In particular, the money pieces and the peekaboo styles work best when the color is applied precisely (and only!) where you want it. Because we want our Fox Fam’s hair dreams to come true and your looks exactly as you envisioned them, we recommend that you use our gentle-on-hair alligator clips to keep your sections secured and under control while you work.

    Here are the results of perfectly applied color.

    @yadeemua in Ginger Flare

    @wonderingminds_420 in Ritual and Electric Paradise

    @sighmmaya in Periwinkle and Poseidon

    @onedreamparis in Virgin Pink

    How to Darken Your Current Shade

    Looking for a darker shade that isn’t a total change of color? Easy peasy! 

    There are two ways you can do this:

    1. The first method will neutralize the color you have and deepen it slightly. Take a quick look at our color wheel blog (honestly, just bookmark it already) to find out what the opposite color is to the one you already have! Once you’ve got that, simply mix in a drop or two to your current color, and voila.
    2. Method number two is using a darker shade of the same color to help deepen the tone. Let’s say you have Aquamarine, you can add a bit of Blue Jean Baby to darken it. Again, the color wheel blog has a wheel that shows where all the AF colors fall on the wheel so it’s a snap to find out which one you need.

     To keep the blending simple and the colors separate while you apply, our tint bowls are going to be some of your besties.

    Peep these dark hues on our Fox Fam!

    As always, we look to you, our boldest and bravest Foxy trailblazers for our inspiration. After all, we can talk about change, but you are the gorgeous bunch that does it, flaunts it, and shares it with the world! Here are some superb examples of falling into the dark for autumn.

    @mylifeas_mel in Transylvania

    @makeupbytiffanybanks in Poseidon covered in Ritual

    @lil.mishroom in Cosmic Sunshine, Sunset Orange, and Purple AF 

    If you’re thinking of going green, stay tuned! Next week we’ll give some precise mixing tips for gorgeous green hues that need a little bit of alchemy to get just right.

    So lovelies, as you traipse into autumn vibes this year, remember that you can go dark and shine! Treat your hair right by using AF conditioning hair dyes, and for the love of gosh, share your hair journey with your Fax Fam by tagging @arcticfoxusa on your socials!

    What’s Your Hair Type? How to Treat and Color Your Hair Based on Your Hair Type

    What’s Your Hair Type? How to Treat and Color Your Hair Based on Your Hair Type in Wrath and Poison 

    Before you dive into the world of color, knowing your type is an absolute MUST. Once you get it down, you’ll know how long to leave color on your hair, what hair products your hair can’t go without, and what your coloring routine should look like to get you the shade of your dreams. Let’s get to it, Fox! 

    Finding Your Hair Type

    If you don’t know what your hair type is, there’s a SUPER easy way to tell. Next time you wash your hair, don’t put any product in it and let it air dry naturally. If it comes out straight, you have straight hair (type 1), if there’s a little wave, you’ve got wavy hair (type 2).  If your hair dries curly, you have one of two hair types. Type 3 curly hair will have springy ringlets or corkscrew curl patterns, but it’s not as dense as coily hair. Coily hair is classified as type 4 and has dense spirals, zig zag patterns, and shrinks when it dries. Type 4 hair is more prone to breakage and can be more fragile than other hair types, so it needs just a bit of extra love and care with a special hair care routine to make sure it’s as healthy and strong as it can be! 

    @iridescentsoulx in Frosé over faded Poison 

    Finding Your Hair Texture

    Once you’ve figured out your hair type, it’s time to learn more about the texture of your hair. Which is what impacts how your hair holds style and color. There are three main textures: 

    Thick Hair

    This texture has the largest circumference, which makes it slower to absorb color. This just means that you need extra processing time so that it can actually absorb the color you’re wishing to see. It can also be resistant to certain chemical treatments like straightening or perming, so be mindful if you’re looking into treating your hair!

    Medium Hair

    Landing right in the middle, because of its middle-range of circumference, medium hair has no special consideration for how much color to use, or adjustments to processing time. 

    Fine Hair

    This hair texture usually processes quickly and is very easy to lighten! It is prone to over-processing and damage from chemical treatments, so less is more if you’re working with fine hair.

    @lisovskihair in Poison and Neon Moon

    How to Find Your Hair Texture 

    Guess what!? There’s also an insanely easy way (and kind of fun way) to tell what your hair texture is. Take a few strands from your hair brush and lay them next to a piece of sewing thread. Try to make them both a similar length so you can see the difference really well and place them side by side on a flat surface. Thick hair will be thicker than the thread, medium hair about the same size as the thread, and fine hair will be considerably thinner than the thread. The way your hair tends to hold styles is also indicative of the type of hair you may have. Fine hair doesn’t hold a curl very well or for very long, medium hair is pretty easy to style and can hold style for longer, and thick hair holds curls very well, but it can also be more difficult to style because it’s less pliable. 

    @lyn_bax in Ginger Flare, Cosmic Sunshine, and Space Cowgirl

    Finding Your Porosity 

    The porosity of your hair impacts how your hair absorbs moisture, water, and product. You can imagine when you’re dying your hair, the porosity of your hair makes a huge difference on how the color actually shows up! Porosity is directly connected to the condition of the cuticle layer of your hair, which you can think of as the shield your hair has for the inner layers of hair. Your hair naturally has a certain level of porosity, but factors like environment, chemical processing, and heat styling make a huge impact. A healthy average is right where it’s at when it comes to hair porosity - highly porous hair is likely damaged and absorbs moisture too quickly because the cuticle layer is open causing it to release moisture really fast. If you’re doing any sort of chemical processing to hair with high porosity, you have to be really careful! Color will take super quickly and can end up being over saturated. If you’ve noticed that your hair gets super dark or vibrant when you color it at first, but then fades really fast, your hair is probably highly porous. 

    Low porous hair is resistant to absorbing moisture, harder to process, and resistant to hair color because the cuticles are tight and hard to open. If you’ve noticed that color doesn’t stick to your hair very well, you may need more dye or a longer processing time to help it sink into your strands.

    Next time you wash your hair, set aside a bowl of water and grab a freshly clean strand from the shower or your brush. When it dries, drop it into the bowl of water and pay attention to what happens next! If it immediately sinks to the bottom, it’s highly porous. If it floats somewhere in the middle with ease, then it has normal porosity. If it stays at the top and takes a really long time to sink, your hair has low porosity. 

    The good news is you can help out your strands wherever they land on the range of porosity! For highly porous hair, use hair care infused with keratin, argan oil, and ginseng root extract. This will help repair damaged hair, and lead to stronger and healthier strands. Be sure to protect your hair from heat and the environment as well! Once you start to reverse the damage done to your hair, you’ll see color last longer and hold better. If your hair has low porosity, let the color sit for longer when it’s processing so it can work its way in. 

    @tallulah.cosmo in Wrath 

    Finding Your Hair Elasticity 

    There’s one last thing, Fox! Your hair is also elastic - which literally indicates how much pulling or stretching your strands can handle before they break. The more heat and/or chemical damage, sun exposure, and aging hair experiences, the less elastic it will be. Hair that has a high level of elasticity is much easier to color, while hair with low elasticity is more prone to breakage and is likely to be resistant to color or other treatments.

    The next time your hair is wet, choose a strand and hold it tight. Stretch it as much as you can! If the strand stretches and returns back to its original length when you let go, it has good elasticity, but if it breaks or doesn’t return to its original shape, it has low elasticity.

    If you find that your strands have low elasticity, no worries! Get a shampoo and conditioner with lots of keratin, which will nourish your hair with the protein naturally found in hair and nails, making it stronger and more elastic. Over time, you’ll have softer, stronger, and healthier hair that holds color well and doesn’t fade easily.

    Rocking a bold and bright shade is such a freeing form of self-expression, but you’ll see the best results when you’re working with a good base. Explore our vegan and cruelty-free hair care line, packed with nutrients and oils that are nourishing AND moisturizing. And next time you’re ready to switch up your color, you’ll know exactly how to treat your strands for the most breathtaking results! 

    How to Keep Your Hair Healthy Without Using Product

    How to Keep Your Hair Healthy Without Using Product

    Welcome to our ultimate hair hacks blog, where we unlock the secrets to achieving gorgeous, luscious locks with as little effort as possible. If you’re looking for quick and easy changes you can make to your hair routine to achieve better hair results than you’ve landed in the right spot. Check out these insider tips for transforming your precious locks.

    Diet and Nutrition for Healthy Hair

    Your diet can play a significant role in your hair health. Proper nutrition can vastly impact how healthy your hair looks and its potential for growth. Hair is primarily made up of a protein called keratin. Consuming an adequate amount of protein in your diet is essential for promoting hair growth and strength. Good sources of protein include lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs, legumes, nuts, and seeds.


    Scalp Care

    Proper scalp care can be very important to achieving a healthy hair journey. Something so simple like gently massaging your scalp during shampooing or applying oil stimulates blood circulation, promotes hair growth, and helps distribute natural oils. You also want to try and be as gentle as possible when brushing your hair. Pulling and tugging can damage your scalp, and also cause breakage. Remember everyones scalp is different so it might take some trial and error to find what works for you. 

    Heat Styling Tips

    One thing for sure is you want to try and avoid heat. When styling your hair you want to start with the lowest heat setting that can achieve your desired hair results. Lower temperatures reduce the risk of damage. Another hair hack when using hot tools is choosing to style with ceramic or tourmaline hot tools. These materials generate negative ions which help seal hair cuticles. This means shinier, smoother, and less frizzy tresses. 


    Avoiding Harsh Chemicals

    Avoiding harsh chemicals on your hair is a great way to keep your hair looking its best. It can get difficult to do this if you’re the type to switch up your color often. It’s good to opt for semi-permanent hair dyes like Arctic Fox Hair Color Dyes, because they are less damaging to the hair. Unlike permanent hair dyes, semi-permanent hair dyes do not penetrate the shaft. 

    Let us know which of these you’ll be incorporating into your hair routine! We can’t wait to see you achieve the hair of your dreams.

    Pool Day Prep: Caring for Semi-Permanent Color on Pool Days

    Pool Day Prep: Caring for Semi-Permanent Color on Pool Days

    Summer’s in full swing, Fox, and while we know you love to rock your colored hair, we also know you love pool days just as much. I mean, who can say no to a cool dip on a steamy day? So here we are with the FULL pool day hair care routine that you absolutely cannot skip before you take that dip. 

    The obvious culprit to dry, brittle hair and fading color is….. you guessed it…. Chlorine. Salt water can also damage your hair by stripping it of color and leaving it dull and dry. Not all hope is lost for our bright and bold babes! Giving your hair as many layers of protection as possible between those precious strands and salt or pool water, will help you maintain soft, healthy hair and vibrant color. 

    We’ve got the FULL lineup, so let’s dive right in! 

    1. Beat it to the plunge

    Before you take that cannonball into the pool, wet your hair thoroughly with cold water. This will keep your hair from absorbing more pool or sea water than it should and give it that extra layer of protection. As soon as you get out of the pool, rinse out your hair again to prevent chlorine from sitting too long on those strands. If you’re spending all day in the sun, make sure to wet your hair in between tanning sessions to avoid having your hair dry out. Rinse, dip, repeat - as many times as it takes! 😎💦🌞


    2. Lather up

    No, we’re not talking about shampoo or conditioner. If you’re looking for that extra step to really protect your locks, opt for a hair mask, (hey, Pool Party!) to lather up your hair and give it even more love and protection before ducking underwater. Did we mention she smells absolutely AH-mazing?! She’s also packed with antioxidants, omegas, and natural oils to really get in there and moisturize every stand. Yeah, this is DEFINITELY a party you wanna RSVP to! 

    3. Don’t forget the SPF!

    Yes, babe, your hair needs it just as much as your skin. Intense sun rays can dry out your hair and lead to just as much damage as heat tools. Spritz on a GENEROUS amount of our OG Hair Perfume and UV Protectant to fend off the summer rays before and after you take a dip. Plus, your hair will smell sooo GRAPE!

    4. Put your hair up 

    A simple but super effective remedy for minimizing every strand getting coated with Chlorine or salt water, is to put up your hair in a bun or braids before you go for a swim. This protects your strands from being totally soaked while you’re having fun in the sun and also gives you the chance to try a new super-cute ‘do! We love a simple remedy.

    5. Hit the showers

    Don’t skip the post-swim shower! The sooner you can hop in the shower after your swim and wash out all the chemicals or salt water from your hair, the more your strands will thank you, and the better chance you have at keeping your color. Opt for our color-safe and sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner and resurrect your strands with a formula that’s just sooo hydrating. Washing your hair thoroughly right away will minimize damage and make sure that chemicals and salt water don’t totally soak through your hair. As a bonus step, finish with another mask of Pool Party for a post-pool day hair treatment!

    6. Refresh, anyone?

    My favorite AF tip is to keep an extra bottle of dye on hand to add into your conditioner whenever you’re feelin’ like you could use a touch up. If your hair is looking a little dull after your fifth pool day this week, add in a few drops of your current color when you’re conditioning your hair for a quick refresh. With this trick, you can keep that stunning color all summer long! 

    7 Ways to Make Your Hair Color Last This Summer

    7 Ways to Make Your Hair Color Last This Summer

    There’s nothing like the brilliant heat of the summer months that inspires us to reinvent ourselves, try a brighter color, or hit refresh on our favorite look. With beach days and pool parties ahead, nothing is more needed than a fool-proof summer hair care routine to make sure your color lasts as long as possible and shines as bright as the sun! Lucky for you, we’ve got all the hacks you need to keep your color vibrant and lasting.

    1. Shower Safely 

    The number one rule when it comes to caring for color is washing your strands with cold or lukewarm water, no matter the time of year. Hot water can dry out your hair, causing it to feel brittle and look more dull. You might also want to try a filter for your shower head to avoid the harsh minerals that some water contains which could lead to your color fading quicker. 

    2. Stock Up on Color-Safe Shampoo and Conditioner

    The pair that’s ALWAYS good for your hair, is a color-safe, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner - like our Resurrected Shampoo and Conditioner! They’re packed with amino acids and antioxidants for an extra boost of much-needed hydration. Carefully massage your scalp with shampoo, rinse with lukewarm water, and coat the ends of your hair with conditioner. Sulfate-free products help your hair retain its natural moisture to prevent the loss of natural shine and softness, so finding your winning shampoo and conditioner combo is totally essential for maintaining the vibrancy of color and keeping your hair texture moisturized and soft rather than dry and brittle.

    3. Give Your Hair Some Extra TLC 

    While there’s lot of hair products on the market that can help repair your split ends (hey, Money Hunny), or refresh your unwashed hair in a single spritz (enter Vacay Volumizing Dry Shampoo), there’s nothing quite like a good hair mask to take your hair texture from good to ah-mazing! Swap out your regular conditioner for a hair mask in the shower, or spoil your hair to self-care with a hair mask treatment a few times a week. Our Pool Party Hair Mask does all of the above and smells divine - when you include her in your routine your hair will thank you forever. 

    4. Pool Day Prep

    Going underwater isn’t great for colored hair, but there’s no way our Fox Fam is skipping the beach or missing pool parties! Before you take a dip, minimize salt or chlorine absorption by wetting your hair thoroughly. For bonus points, coat your strands with a hair mask or deep conditioner to protect your hair from the damage wreaked by pool or sea water. And you guessed it, Pool Party will do the trick! After all, she is the real life of the party.

    5. Don’t Forget Your SPF!

    SPF for your hair is JUST as important as it is for your skin. Fight off sun damage and dryness with a thorough spritz of protection from the OG Hair Perfume and UV Protectant. Not only will your hair smell amazing, you’re adding on an essential layer of protection that your colored strands absolutely need if they’re going to be out in the sun. 

    6. Hit Refresh Real Quick

    For all our bleached babes who want to fight off brassy tones, add a drop of Purple AF into your conditioner to create toner that will combat any bleached brassiness. If you have a single color, add a drop of the corresponding shade to your conditioner for a quick refresh when you hit the shower! Water and sun exposure will fade your color, and while all AF dyes are created to look stunning even as they fade, you might want to keep a little extra color on hand for when you want to up the vibrancy. 

    7. Rock That Natural Look!

    Embrace your natural hair texture and ditch the hot tools. We all know that using heat excessively on your hair causes damage that affects the shine and texture of your hair and can even impact how the next color you try actually looks on your locks. Rock an effortless summer style with a new hairstyle, or by fully embracing your natural look for hair that’s healthier and shinier than ever!